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By Tristan Hemsi
on 14 Oct 2016 11:44 AM
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Gone are the days when customer support was just a group of technicians. These days, support has grown into a more centralized and strategic business component, and one that all types of businesses are aiming to use to their advantage. As we move into a faster paced digital era, into more SaaS and cloud-directed services, clients are looking for simpler and more business-oriented solutions. Support has become a strategic tool in business and in order to stay ahead of the game it has become crucial to adopt innovative and real-time customer support solutions.

A business-oriented support staff

Business is our clients’ number one focus, so having a business-oriented support staff is always going to add value, no matter the vertical. A great support team will be able to adapt their language depending on who they are talking to, making even the most technical information sound user friendly. Support staff should also be correctly trained in business best practices as well as in client best practices, solutions, and culture. 

An all-in-one support system

At Generix Group, we have always seen the bigger picture. Therefore, we offer the customer support solutions that we feel our clients need. Led by Tristan Hemsi, our Director of Support, we aim to optimize our clients’ support processes and budgets by offering an all-in-one solution that is governed by a SLA and contract.

A support system at your fingertips

Our customer support solutions are oriented towards SaaS and cloud-based services, and we currently have a 60-person team focused on supply chain and collaborative multi-enterprise platforms, with 20,000 support requests and 24/7 extensions available. Once integrated, our objective is to take care of all of the technical details in a business, while our clients just have to worry about their monthly subscription. We provide three levels of support and our collaborative solution offers incident and problem management, support for clients and partners, as well as support from subsidiaries. 

Evolving with our clients

Our support platform is established and integrated from the get-go with our clients through a mutual contract that creates a firm base foundation. Our standard SLAs are based on different client logistics and requirements, and are adhered to for as long as the contract is in place. We also make sure that our clients continue to be satisfied with their level of support by frequent real-time evaluations. These evaluations help us evolve with our clients and iron out any kinks in the journey. 

A support team dedicated to our customers

At Generix Group, we aim to optimize businesses at any level, and our support team will take over all incident and problem management. The main objective will always be to provide a support platform that enables clients to boost productivity and reduce costs.

Proactive and strategic

One of the key elements to any incident or problem is the idea of proactivity. Take problem management for example: One problem in one area can easily be resolved; however, if you then multiply that problem over different companies and partners, it isn’t enough to just keep chasing after fixes. We want to be seen as the ones who identify a problem, provide a solution, and a specific date when it will be fixed. Instead of acting reactively, we provide proactive support and specific escalation levels, so that our clients can continue to focus on the bigger picture.
We believe that real-time customer support has rapidly become a strategic part of any business and by adopting a collaborative and flexible model, our clients can reap a multitude of benefits.

Tristan Hemsi

Expert in customer support solutions

Director of Support

Generix Group Paris, France