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May 14, 2020

Generix Group nomeia Luc Maufrais para Chief Customer Services Officer do Grupo

Generix Group, a global provider of SaaS Software designed to accelerate today’s collaborative supply chains, announces the appointment of Luc Maufrais as Chief Customer Services for the Group.

Heading teams in all the Group’s business units, he manages all customer service activities. This includes the provision of Generix Group’s solutions in SaaS mode, the implementation and technical support. Luc Maufrais ensures the support, satisfaction and loyalty of the company’s customers by helping them make the most of the proposed solutions.

Comunicado de imprensa

Luc Maufrais has been putting his IT, managerial and business expertise at the service of international software vendors for more than 20 years. A graduate of the EPITA School of Computer Engineering, he began his career at Alcatel TITN Answare, then joined Sybase, before moving to Systar as EMEA Professional Services Director. There, he developed the services business for new European customers and implemented new strategies to build customer loyalty and satisfaction. In 2004, he joined Systar’s U.S. subsidiary in Washington DC as VP Customer Services with primary responsibility for service business development, support and pre-sales for North America.

In 2009, he joined Trace One in Paris, the world’s leading online collaboration platform dedicated to private label product quality management. For 6 years, he was in charge of service activities (consulting, project, support and training) with teams in Asia, Europe and the United States. In this context, he forged strategic partnerships (value-added distribution, technology, services) for the development of the company.

In April 2020, Luc Maufrais is appointed Chief Customer Services Officer of Generix Group. He is now in charge of all the company’s customer services activities: consulting, implementation and support (Professional Services), technical support and provision of Generix Group’s solutions in SaaS (Cloud Operations). These services are closely linked to the three other support functions that complete the support provided to the company’s customers: the IT department, project management and solution training. All of these services are supported by resources at Generix Group’s headquarters and business units and by the shared services centre in Portugal, which is integrated into this department.

Luc Maufrais joined Generix Group in 2015 as Director of SaaS Transition, thus accompanying the group in a major strategic shift. Over the years, drawing on his experience outside of France, he has developed his field of action, initially national, across all seven of the group’s business units, and has focused on service and customer support issues. He made sure that all the entities were equipped with the same processes and services, and strengthened their cooperation around a leitmotiv dear to the company: customer satisfaction.

« Luc Maufrais is passionate about the challenge. His experience and human-centric vision are essential to the development of strategies to improve the customer experience. He will put his skills to work to satisfy existing customers and build loyalty, in particular by anticipating their future needs », rejoices Aïda Collette-Sène, CEO of Generix Group.



« I am very happy to continue to put my energy and expertise at the service of Generix Group with this new mission. I attach great importance to the human factor. In this position, I will once again promote collaboration between the talented men and women who make up our teams. Together, we will create new types of services for our customers, so that they are always satisfied with our services. It’s going to be an exciting challenge »

Luc Maufrais
Chief Customer Services Officer
Generix Group

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Generix Group nomeia Luc Maufrais para Chief Customer Services Officer do Grupo

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