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Автор: Laurent Cochet
on 11 Jul 2018 10:35 AM

For both freighters and logistic service providers, the management of delivery rounds is a strategic challenge.  The goal: determine which method will enable you to deliver goods to their destination at the lowest cost while working within delivery times and transport capacities. What factors should you consider to optimize the management of warehouse rounds? Your questions answered.


Management of warehouse rounds: a question of organization 

Warehouse managers are in charge of managing rounds to ensure delivery trucks are loaded at an exact time and in line with their transport plan. This task requires precise organization so that trucks leave the docks as quickly as possible and make timely deliveries to their customers.

Ideally, the management of warehouse rounds requires that:   

To effectively organize tasks, warehouse managers need to have access to warehouse management tools, such as a WMS, capable of meeting these expectations. 


Mobility: fundamental problem when it comes to selecting a WMS solution 

Constantly in demand, warehouse managers spend their time running between their offices and the warehouse. They must plan the work for their teams but also adjust tasks according to the reality on the field.

The mobility of applications is thus a fundamental requirement for satisfying the needs of warehouse managers. This task planning tool is accessible anywhere, from a smartphone or tablet, and allows them to control warehouse management operations and rounds in all situations. 

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Optimized warehouse rounds with the Generix Supply Chain Hub WMS solution

In order for warehouse managers to optimize the management of delivery rounds, Generix Group has upgraded its warehouse management solution to respond to customers’ needs more effectively and intuitively. The new WMS – Warehouse Management and Control solution has been entirely revamped in order to offer warehouse managers more user-friendly interfaces and the option of using the application on the go.

The solution now provides a clear vision of operations to be carried out based on the transport plan, even without a TMS. Rounds can be viewed according to expected date and time of delivery, the estimated date and time of delivery, the latest time for truck loading, etc. You can also precisely view pending operations and modify the allocation of resources in real time to keep in line with your transport plan.


Aside from optimizing delivery rounds, this new solution also manages order waves coming in from e-commerce channels. This is a godsend for warehouse managers who can now control actions with one click from a single interface. Want to find out more? Don’t wait! Discover Generix Group’s new warehouse management and control solution now!


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Laurent Cochet

Senior Principal Consultant, is developing Generix Consulting Services to accompany Customers in their Supply Chain Digital Transformation. He has a particularly strong expertise on Apparel and Footwear products lifecycles and E-Commerce logistics.