Herald Tribune

centralises its worldwide subscription database with the New York Times

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Presentation International Herald Tribune

International Herald Tribune, a daily English-language newspaper based in France, is sold in 118 countries. In association with the New York Times, the daily offers its “top-of-market” customers a paid access option to certain content on the Times Select website. 

Installed solutions

This service required the development and maintenance of a worldwide database of subscribers, shared by both newspapers and supplied with information by local independent distributors in some countries. To guarantee the database’s quality, information has to be controlled before being integrated. 

Benefits of this solution

It took just a few days to develop this database and to build its information supply system with GCI TradeXpress, the inter-application (EAI) integration solution by Generix Group. 
After transferring skills, the IHT information system team was able to produce many other applications requiring complex exchanges of high data volumes in a fully secure manner. 
Examples are the declaration and payment of expense claims for globe-trotting employees. 

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