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 EDI Solutions

Seamless data exchanges in the cloud

Meet individual trading partner requirements while handling multiple B2B processes and technology types. Generix EDI solutions dematerialize every inter-firm exchange so you can focus less on IT and more on your bottom line.

Exchange EDI & API data at the speed and scale your partners demand

Generix syncs real-time B2B data using 300+ active interconnections across 50 countries. EDI data integration allows you to build segments, automate electronic flows, and measure partner performance – all on one platform.


  • Translate foreign data

    Send and receive purchase orders and invoices within your ERP or legacy system. Our software transforms incoming data from any partner system to match your EDI standards and requirements.

  • Minimize data disputes

    EDI, integrated with customer and supplier management software, automatically verifies order data at every step of the billing cycle to ensure your supply chain operates with near-perfect accuracy.

  • Track every trade and transaction

    Get detailed, line-by-line visibility into your B2B activities to simplify order tracking, improve error resolution, and speed up reconciliation with trading partners.

  • Keep data flows flowing

    Our EDI software provides secure and efficient electronic file transportation with 24/7 network availability and 1:1 network troubleshooting support.

Join over 6,000+ businesses digitizing 8 million B2B transactions every day

Invoice Productivity


electronic invoices processed per year

Streamline Communication


EDI messages processed per year

Order Line Productivity


order lines processed per month

A single platform for all B2B exchanges

Custom Integration

Align your integration process with your unique business constraints. Customize B2B integration projects to your business processes, management rules, events, notifications, workflow, and alerts.

Universal Data Conversion

Convert and transform data across multiple electronic formats, including EDI, XML, JSON, ERP, EDOC, ETL, and PDF—all while adhering to EDI standards. Translate data from one format to another in clicks.

Control Center

Get a complete view of your B2B, API, MFT, and EDI transactions with a single-view control center dashboard. Filter EDI activities by date, location, and exchange type to drill into every data point.

App Integration

Choose from a vast selection of connectors, including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and Sage to seamlessly integrate your EDI software with the business applications you already know and love.

Mapping Library

Access 3,000 pre-built B2B maps to easily connect new B2B partners and integrate new data systems into your ERP, legacy, or accounting software.

Secure Data Transport

Send electronic files safely and efficiently. The Generix Collaborative Network software supports 25 transport protocols and 300 interconnections.


The supply chain software that adapts to your needs, and not the other way around.

  Seamlessly integrate your current systems and applications with Generix’s 17+ supply chain software solutions.

 Get more from your EDI software


Exchange EDI data with trading partners, fast

Collaborative Network

Interact with 500,000+ supply chain professionals


Digitize purchase and sales invoicing

Supplier Portal

Manage all your suppliers in one place, in real-time

Customer Portal

Digitize your Order to Cash process

Tap into a high-performing partner ecosystem

Unlock operational efficiency across your physical and critical workflows. Benefit from our best-of-breed SaaS solutions and expertise, backed by high-performance partners and seamless implementation and advisory support for your business journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Generix EDI Solutions handle international transactions and partners?

Yes, Generix EDI & API Solutions have a global reach with 300+ active interconnections across 50 countries. This extensive network ensures seamless real-time B2B data exchange globally. The platform’s ability to translate foreign data and adapt to various formats makes it ideal for businesses with international partners.

How does Generix EDI Solutions improve business efficiency in order tracking and error resolution?

Generix EDI Solutions enhances business efficiency by providing detailed visibility into B2B activities. This simplifies order tracking, improves error resolution, and speeds up reconciliation with trading partners. Businesses can expect a streamlined and error-free process throughout the billing cycle.

How does Generix EDI Services handle diverse data formats in B2B exchanges?

Generix EDI Services specializes in transforming data formats, ensuring seamless data exchange between companies. By automating the translation of EDI messages to main ERP systems and providing connectors for automated exchanges, the platform eliminates the need for manual intervention. This enhances efficiency and promotes standardized and consistent data formats across the supply chain, reducing the risk of errors and delays.

Can Generix EDI Services adapt to the specific needs of businesses, regardless of size or technical complexity?

Absolutely. Generix EDI Services is designed to implement customer best practices, allowing businesses of all sizes to modernize their processes. With 24/7 availability and facilities tailored to handle load peaks, the platform accommodates the unique requirements of each customer. Whether small or large, Generix ensures a reliable and scalable solution to optimize B2B data exchange.

How does Generix EDI Services enhance cybersecurity in B2B transactions?

Security is a top priority for Generix EDI Services. The platform ensures the best cybersecurity practices, providing a secure environment for all B2B exchanges. With support for thirty different security protocols, including EBICS, EDIINT AS2, FTPS, SFTP, JMS/AMQP, Web Services, and more, businesses can trust that their data is protected during transit. This commitment to security extends to the cloud infrastructure, offering efficient adaptation to new technologies without prohibitive development costs.

What is the price of Generix’s EDI software?

The price of Generix’s EDI software varies depending on parameters such as the number of users, required functionalities, commitment duration, and necessary updates for optimal functionality. To receive a personalized quote, you can schedule a meeting with a consultant who will provide all the necessary information about pricing and available options to meet your specific needs.

What are EDI solutions and how do they benefit businesses?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions facilitate the electronic exchange of business documents and data between trading partners. These solutions streamline processes by replacing paper-based methods with efficient, automated transactions. Benefits include reduced errors, faster processing times, cost savings, and improved relationships with trading partners. EDI solutions enhance overall supply chain efficiency, making them essential for modern, digitally-enabled businesses.

How does Generix’s EDI services differ from other providers?

Generix’s EDI services stand out for their comprehensive approach to EDI implementation and management. We offer a blend of advanced technology, personalized service, and extensive expertise in EDI. Our solutions are scalable and customizable, ensuring they meet the specific needs of each business. With robust security measures, seamless integration capabilities, and dedicated support, our EDI services provide a reliable and efficient platform for managing electronic data interchange.

Can your EDI software integrate with existing business systems?

Yes, our EDI software is designed for seamless integration with a wide range of business systems, including ERP, CRM, and supply chain management platforms. This integration ensures smooth data flow and consistency, reducing manual data entry and enhancing operational efficiency across various business functions.

What types of documents can be exchanged using your EDI system?

Our EDI system supports a wide range of document types including purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, payment acknowledgments, and many others. It’s capable of handling diverse data formats and standards, making it versatile for different industry requirements and global trading needs.

What security features are included in your EDI platform?

Our EDI platform incorporates advanced security features, including data encryption, secure user authentication, and compliance with international data protection standards. Regular security updates and adherence to best practices ensure the protection of sensitive data and secure transactions.

How does Generix support businesses in implementing EDI solutions?

Generix provides end-to-end support for businesses implementing EDI solutions. Our services include initial consultation, solution customization, system integration, training for your staff, and ongoing technical support. We focus on ensuring a smooth transition to EDI, minimizing disruption to business operations, and maximizing the value of your investment in EDI technology.

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