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Archive Services

Dematerialize your business data

Generix Archive Services extracts data from your paper and digital documents and preserves it inside a secure and searchable repository.

Get in control of your business data

As a member of the Fédération Nationale des Tiers de Confiance, Generix supports the digital transformation of your business processes by preserving your digital originals with probative value.


Eliminate repetitive document work

Generix Archive Services allows you to filter through and sort files by metadata category, type of document, folder, author, and date so you can find and route the right data in clicks.


Store digital files in one source of truth

Easily control document and data access to adhere to company security standards. Use features like time-stamping, digital signatures, and trace logs to record document activity and ensure data integrity over time.


Be audit-ready, always

Generix is designed to align with global industry and regulatory compliance standards, ensuring that audit trails meet your specific requirements. Comprehensive system and user time-stamping logs every document activity from viewing access to edits.

Archival features your teams will love

Secure Data Retention

Extract and secure digital data from invoices, tax declarations, bank statements, and contracts in cloud storage to prepare for future legal requests and long-term data retention.

Document Lifecycle Management

Strategically plan the lifecycle of your digital assets, guiding them from creation through to destruction or extension with precise control at each step.

Document Indexing & Filing

Generix captures all document-related data for quick retrieval. Filter through your archives by defining search metadata, document criteria, or timelines.

Digital Document Authentication

Designate user roles and permissions to manage appropriate information flows and apply digital timestamps and digital footprints to confirm document integrity.

Content Retrieval

Accommodate API requests or perform mass content restoration—all while adhering to your organization’s security protocols.

Instant Audit Trails

Generix records all user interactions, such as document access, modifications, deletions, and system events like updates and backups, to generate comprehensive audit trails.

See what you can achieve with Archive Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are archive services and how do they benefit an organization?

Archive services involve the storage and management of digital data in a secure and accessible manner. These services are essential for organizations to efficiently store large volumes of data that are not regularly accessed but must be retained for future reference, legal compliance, or historical value. Benefits include improved data organization, enhanced security, easier data retrieval, and optimized storage space, leading to better overall data management and cost savings.

How does Generix Group’s data archiving software ensure data security?

Our data archiving software employs advanced security measures including encryption, secure access controls, and regular backups. We prioritize data integrity and confidentiality, ensuring that your archival data is protected against unauthorized access, data breaches, and loss. Compliance with industry-standard security protocols further strengthens the safeguarding of your data.

Can archiving solutions handle large volumes of archival data?

Yes, archiving solutions are designed to efficiently handle large volumes of archival data. They are scalable and can accommodate growing data needs, ensuring that even vast amounts of data are managed effectively. Our solutions offer robust performance and reliability, making them suitable for organizations with extensive archiving requirements.

Are Generix Group’s archive services compatible with various data formats?

Our archive services are versatile and support a wide range of data formats. We ensure that various types of digital content, whether documents, images, emails, or other formats, can be archived and retrieved efficiently. This compatibility allows for a comprehensive archiving strategy that meets diverse organizational needs.

How does Generix Group’s archive management software facilitate easy retrieval of data?

Our archival management software features intuitive search and indexing tools, allowing for quick and easy retrieval of archived data. Users can locate specific files or documents using various search criteria, ensuring that data retrieval is both time-efficient and accurate. This enhances productivity and ensures that archived information is readily accessible when needed.

What kind of support and training does Generix Group offer for its archive services?

Generix Group provides extensive support and training for our archive services. Our team assists with the initial setup, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems. We offer comprehensive training to your staff, covering all aspects of the archiving software and management tools. Additionally, we provide ongoing technical support and customer service to address any queries or issues, ensuring that your team can effectively utilize the archive services for optimal data management.

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