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AP Automation Software

Automate supplier invoicing and payments

Expedite invoice processing and maximize cost savings with your suppliers – all while complying with global regulations with accounts payable automation.

  • 75%

    Reduce invoice overhead by over 75%

  • $10

    Save over $10 per digital document

  • 80%

    Process supplier invoices 80% faster

Put accounts payable on autopilot

Sync your financial data with your operational data to automate all stages of the purchase invoice lifecycle and control your business spend.


Get a clear view of your supplier spend to optimize costs

Leverage historical buying data to forecast optimal supplier quantities and schedule advance payments to negotiate early payment discounts.


Stay compliant with international regulations

AI-enabled approval workflows follow global industry compliance standards that detect errors, duplications, and various types of fraud that humans may miss.


Digitize the complete order-to-pay process with AI

Capture invoice data from digital and paper with 100% accuracy. Run automatic approval workflows and export ready-to-send audit reports in clicks.


Collaborate with suppliers and stakeholders in real-time

Interact seamlessly with requesters, approvers, and suppliers on one centralized platform. Easily automate intake, approvals, assessments, and reviews across systems.

AP automation features your teams will love

Invoice Capture

Extract data from supplier invoices with 100% line-by-line accuracy. Pull data from EDI, hybrid invoices, PDFs, emails, and even images.

Supplier Finance

Send proposals to suppliers, negotiate early payment discounts, and schedule pro-rated payments without leaving the platform.

Automatic Reconciliation

Instantly match your invoices with your orders, receipts, and other purchasing documents and validate real-time discrepancies.

Automatic & Manual Payments

Pay supplier invoices directly or set up automatic supplier payments by bank transfer or bank card in compliance with global financial standards.

Approval Workflow Automation

Customize every step of your invoice approval workflow, from requests to quotes to supplier selection and follow-ups.

Purchase to Pay

Store all P2P documents like purchase orders, modifications, shipments, inventories, forecasts, and receipts for quick access during audits.

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Tap into a high-performing partner ecosystem

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AP Automation Software?

AP (Accounts Payable) automation software streamlines the entire invoice processing cycle. Generix’s solution automates the capture, reconciliation, and approval of supplier invoices, reducing overhead, speeding up processing, and maximizing cost savings while ensuring global regulatory compliance.

How Does AP Automation Improve Invoice Processing?

AP automation software significantly reduces manual intervention in invoice processing. By automating data extraction and reconciliation, and streamlining approval workflows, Generix’s AP Automation accelerates the process by 80%, saving over $10 per digital document and reducing invoice overhead by over 75%.

What are the Key Features of Accounts Payable Automation Software?

Key features of accounts payable automation software include accurate invoice capture, automatic reconciliation with purchasing documents, customizable approval workflows, real-time supplier communication, and both automatic and manual payment options. Generix’s solution ensures 100% accuracy and compliance with financial standards.

Can AP Automation Software Help in Cost Optimization?

Yes, AP automation software aids in cost optimization by leveraging historical buying data to forecast optimal supplier quantities and negotiate early payment discounts. Generix’s solution provides a clear view of supplier spend, helping businesses to make more informed financial decisions.

How Does Automated AP Solutions Ensure Compliance?

Automated AP solutions use AI-enabled workflows to adhere to global industry compliance standards. Generix’s software detects errors, duplications, and fraud, ensuring all financial transactions are compliant with international regulations.

What are the Benefits of Integrating AP Automation with E-Invoicing?

Integrating AP automation with e-invoicing streamlines the order-to-pay process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. This combination allows for seamless data transfer and better financial management, with features like automated intake, approvals, and audit-ready reporting offered by Generix’s software.

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