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Collaborative Network

The next-generation of B2B networking

Add Generix’s Collaborative Network to your ERP to connect and collaborate with over 700,000 supply chain companies worldwide.

  • 500,000+


  • 300

    B2B networks in 50 countries, including Global B2B Networks such as PEPPOL and GENA

Get your partners up and running right away

Find, connect, and instantly integrate new partners into your supply chain ecosystem regardless of their size, geographic location, or IT equipment.


Join a leading, connected community

Log in once to interact with over 700,000 companies on the Generix Collaborative Network and its 300 interconnections.


Reduce EDI and B2B transport costs

Cut down on EDI RVA costs with Generix Collaborative Network, a free network for you and your partners.

Why tap into the Collaborative Network?

Connectivity & Interoperability Assurance

Connect your ecosystem seamlessly through an open service interfaced with 300 other B2B networks across 50 countries and 25 transportation protocols.

Exchange Tracking

Employ the latest security and traceability technologies, including timestamping, encryption, authentication, electronic signature, acknowledgment of receipt or processing, non-repudiation, and blockchain.

Partner-Friendly Communication

Enable partner connections without restrictions using standards like EDIINT AS1/2/3/4, OFTP 1/2, SFTP, FTPS, X.400, HTTP, SMTP, WEB SERVICES, API REST, EBICS T/TS, PESIT, AMQP, JMS and more.

Data Flow Monitoring

Manage electronic exchanges efficiently with services like real-time monitoring, personalized filters, event notifications, process reminders, and KPI dashboards.

B2B Exchange Integration

Integrate diverse B2B exchange solutions to accommodate partners’ technology preferences, including B2B/EDI network, API management, point-to-point, file transfer, collaborative portal, web drive, virtual printer, fax, email, and more.

Partner Management

Efficiently manage your partner directory, deploy customers and suppliers, access shared directories, and publish directories on networks like PEPPOL.

Learn more about Generix’s Collaborative Network

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Complementary software solutions

EDI Solutions

Make multi-firm trades in the cloud


Digitize purchase and sales invoicing

Supplier Portal

Manage all your suppliers in one place, in real-time

Onboarding Services

Empower your B2B community to do great work

Customer Portal

Digitize your Order to Cash process

Tap into a high-performing partner ecosystem

Unlock operational efficiency across your physical and critical workflows. Benefit from our best-of-breed SaaS solutions and expertise, backed by high-performance partners and seamless implementation and advisory support for your business journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a collaborative network and how does it benefit businesses?

A collaborative network is a system that connects various entities like suppliers, partners, and customers, enabling seamless communication and collaboration. It benefits businesses by improving efficiency, enhancing supply chain transparency, reducing costs, and fostering innovation. This network model allows for real-time sharing of information and resources, leading to better decision-making and strengthened business relationships.

How does supplier network collaboration work within your solution?

Supplier network collaboration in our solution involves integrating suppliers into the collaborative network, allowing for streamlined communication, efficient transaction processing, and shared access to important information. This setup enhances supply chain visibility, reduces lead times, and improves inventory management, leading to more efficient operations and stronger supplier relationships.

Can your enterprise collaboration network support large-scale operations?

Absolutely. Our enterprise collaboration network is designed for scalability and robust performance, making it well-suited for large-scale operations. It can handle complex workflows, integrate with various business systems, and support a high volume of users and transactions, ensuring smooth operation for enterprises of any size.

What are the key features of your network collaboration services?

Our network collaboration services offer features like real-time data sharing, centralized communication platforms, workflow automation, and advanced analytics. These features enable efficient collaboration, enhance operational transparency, and support decision-making.

How does your collaborative solutions network ensure data security and compliance?

Our collaborative solutions network prioritizes data security and compliance with stringent encryption, secure access controls, and adherence to international data protection standards. Regular audits and compliance checks ensure that the network remains secure and aligned with the latest regulations.

What support does Generix Group offer for implementing the collaborative network model?

Generix Group offers comprehensive support for implementing the collaborative network model. This includes an initial assessment to understand your specific business needs, customized network setup, seamless integration with your existing systems, and thorough training for your team. Our dedicated customer service and technical support ensure ongoing assistance, helping you to maximize the benefits of the collaborative network for your business operations.

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