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Onboarding Services

Turn your B2B community into productive partners

Generix onboarding software solutions strengthen electronic collaboration between customers, suppliers, logistics providers, and financial or government institutions to enable more productive digital transformation projects.

  • 100%

    Onboard 100% of your B2B partners

  • 51%

    Cut deployment time by 51%

Champion the bright minds behind digital transformation

Use the onboarding organizational hub to enhance operational effectiveness, oversee vital relationships, and ensure timely communication with staff and partners, along with B2B testing and certification tasks.


Break down cross-company bottlenecks

Share real-time project updates with team members to get clear insight into where and what your team spends time on. Easily share updates and automate resource-draining tasks like sharing documents, manual testing, and EDI certification workflows.


Make informed decisions with onboarding experts

Work with Generix’s deployment managers skilled at risk assessment and project management to ensure that the right people are assigned to the right tasks and that resources are used optimally.


Accelerate time-to-value on digitization projects

Stop toggling between documents, project management tools, and forms. Generix streamlines every B2B and EDI exchange so that you can onboard 100% of your B2B partners and go live faster.

Onboarding services your partners will love

Campaign Modeling

Customize deployment workflows for different project types, such as supplier affiliation, application onboarding, and message or certificate updates.

Community Administration

Manage your B2B relationships in one hub so that all your partner information is up-to-date and easily accessible.

Technical & Functional Self-Tests

Empower suppliers to automatically initiate test campaigns, which monitor the functionality of EDI messaging and assess technical certifications.

Shared Onboarding Calendar

Supervise your operations through an intuitive platform with historical tracking, user notifications, manual entry options, and comprehensive dashboards.

Document Sharing

Enable real-time access to important documents, including exchange agreements, data models, test sets, prerequisites, and campaign details.

Performance Reporting

Keep complete control over your deployments by tracking progress and performance with detailed indicators categorized by supplier, business, country, or campaign type.

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Complementary software solutions

EDI Solutions

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Digitize purchase and sales invoicing

Supplier Portal

Manage all your suppliers in one place, in real-time

Plateforme de Dématérialisation Partenaire

Simplify tax reform in France and beyond

Customer Portal

Digitize your Order to Cash process

Tap into a high-performing partner ecosystem

Unlock operational efficiency across your physical and critical workflows. Benefit from our best-of-breed SaaS solutions and expertise, backed by high-performance partners and seamless implementation and advisory support for your business journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Generix Onboarding Services and how do they benefit B2B partnerships?

Generix Onboarding Services are designed to facilitate efficient electronic collaboration between various B2B entities like customers, suppliers, logistics providers, and institutions. These services enable productive digital transformation projects by enhancing operational effectiveness, improving communication, and streamlining B2B testing and certification tasks.

How do Generix Onboarding Services streamline the onboarding process?

The services offer an organizational hub to manage onboarding, breaking down cross-company bottlenecks. They provide real-time project updates, automate tasks such as document sharing, manual testing, and EDI certification workflows, and help in making informed decisions with the help of deployment managers skilled in risk assessment and project management.

What impact do Generix Onboarding Services have on deployment time and partner onboarding?

These services can cut deployment time by 51% and ensure the onboarding of 100% of your B2B partners. They accelerate the time-to-value on digitization projects by streamlining B2B and EDI exchanges, allowing faster onboarding and go-live processes.

How does the Campaign Modeling feature work within Generix Onboarding Services?

Campaign Modeling allows customization of deployment workflows for various project types, such as supplier affiliation, application onboarding, and updates to messages or certificates. This feature ensures tailored and efficient management of each unique onboarding project.

Can Generix Onboarding Services facilitate self-testing and community administration?

Yes, the services include Technical & Functional Self-Tests that empower suppliers to initiate test campaigns for EDI messaging functionality and technical certifications. Community Administration manages all B2B relationships in one hub, keeping partner information up-to-date and accessible.

What tools do Generix Onboarding Services provide for project management and documentation?

Generix offers a Shared Onboarding Calendar for supervising operations with historical tracking and user notifications. Document Sharing enables real-time access to essential documents, and Performance Reporting tracks deployment progress with detailed indicators by supplier, business, country, or campaign type.

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