Logidis moves its Generix WMS warehouse management solution to the SaaS View the press release

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Generix Software

Our highly configurable and connected software suite provides every tool you need to optimize the flow of goods and data across your supply chain.

Supply Chain Operations

Run a sustainable and profitable supply chain from stock to dock with intelligent logistics, task automation, and data management.

Warehouse Management

Streamline your warehouse processes for maximum productivity.

Transport Management

Optimize route planning and load balancing to save on fuel costs and speed up delivery times.

Labor Management

Drive efficiency across your workforce, protect against compliance risks, and improve employee engagement.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Empower suppliers, retailers, and distributors to monitor and replenish their inventory based on real-time consumption data.

EDI & e-Invoicing

Electronic invoicing and data interchange solutions to streamline every financial workflow and comply with ever-changing legal regulations.


Digitize your end-to-end purchase and sales invoicing processes.

EDI Solutions

Automate the exchange of electronic business documents across all file formats and trading partners.


Integrate multiple business applications and workflows to accelerate the entire trade cycle.

Optimize the flow of goods + data across your business

Transform your omnichannel strategy into a reliable revenue generator with Generix’s plug-and-play software solutions.