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Data Power

Future-proof your supply chain operations with data

Analyze, retain, and report critical supply chain data produced by your warehouse data and transport management systems.

Today’s data decides tomorrow’s performance

Data Power is your key to unlocking fresh insights from your warehouse data and transport data. Securely access data that’s replicated and stored in the Generix Cloud, and customize analysis and reporting to best suit your business needs.


Analyze large volumes of data

Data Power gives you all of the analytical possibilities of Big Data analytics so you can analyze large amounts of warehouse data in fine detail.


See operational data in dashboards

Generate insights in standard or custom dashboards directly inside your WMS or TMS software. Accessible on desktop and mobile.

Data Power features your teams will love

Data Access

Three access methods make it easy to transfer operational information to third-party systems for analysis.


Generate a wide range of reports to measure the performance of your warehouse or transport management operations.


Understand which factors impact performance and identify key opportunities for improvement.

Data Accuracy

Use your complete operational data to understand what’s happened in the past and enable future analysis.

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Drive operational efficiency across warehouse activities

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Make smarter charter and load decisions

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Unlock operational efficiency across your physical and critical workflows. Benefit from our best-of-breed SaaS solutions and expertise, backed by high-performance partners and seamless implementation and advisory support for your business journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Power in Supply Chain Management?

Data Power in supply chain management refers to the use of advanced data analytics to analyze, retain, and report critical data from warehouse and transport management systems. Generix’s Data Power offers insights into operational performance, helping businesses make decisions to future-proof their supply chain operations.

How Does Data Power Technology Improve Warehouse Operations?

Data Power technology enhances warehouse operations by providing deep analytical capabilities for large volumes of warehouse data. With Generix’s Data Power, businesses can understand performance impacts, identify improvement opportunities, and generate real-time operational dashboards, optimizing warehouse management.

What are the Benefits of Using Data Viewer and Data Access in Warehousing?

The benefits of using data viewer and data access in warehousing include easy transfer of operational information to third-party systems, enhanced data analysis, and robust reporting capabilities. Generix’s Data Power ensures secure and versatile data access, aiding in comprehensive warehouse data analysis.

How Can Data-Powered Solutions Transform Warehouse Data Analysis?

Data-powered solutions transform warehouse data analysis by enabling detailed examination of vast amounts of operational data. Generix’s Data Power provides analytics and reporting tools, allowing businesses to measure and improve warehouse management performance effectively.

What Role Does Data Retention Play in Warehouse Data Integration?

Data retention is crucial in warehouse data integration, as it preserves historical data for future analysis. With Generix’s Data Power, businesses can retain and leverage past data, offering valuable insights into historical trends and informing strategic decisions for warehouse operations.

Can Data Power Assist in Warehouse Data Logging and Reporting?

Yes, Data Power can significantly assist in warehouse data logging and reporting. It offers features for capturing extensive operational data and generating a wide range of performance reports. Generix’s solution ensures comprehensive data retention and analysis, enhancing the reporting process in warehouse management.

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