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e-Invoicing Software

Digitize purchase and sales invoicing

Generix e-invoicing software solutions improve the efficiency of your invoicing processes by reducing costs and optimizing cash flow, all while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Over 5,000 clients operating with 300+ interconnections

Our invoicing automation software captures all your invoice data, reporting, and audit support— everything you need to modernize your payment process.


Reduce processing costs by up to 80%

Automate your accounts payable and accounts receivable processes to improve data quality and operational efficiency.


Stay compliant in 65+ countries

Ensure all incoming and outgoing invoices meet the latest local and global regulatory requirements so that you can reduce the risk of non-compliance and avoid penalties or fines.


Optimize all your cash flows

Ensure timely payments, enhance traceability and recovery, and automate payments to easily deploy new financing services.


Get a more complete view of your financial data

Combine all your invoicing data to more quickly detect fraud, drive efficiency across accounting processes, more accurately forecast cash flow, and even secure financing.

Designed to do the heavy lifting for you

Digital Invoicing


electronic invoices processed per year

Order Line Processing


order lines processed per month

Data Exchange


messages processed per year



legal user entities

Touchless invoice processing to guarantee compliance

Automate P2P & O2C

Automate AP and AR workflows with multiway matching, approval routing, litigation management, accountant & analytic posting, data recovery, complaint management, and payments.

Add Probative Value

Archive your invoices inside a digital safe to avoid any internal or external fraud and provide a sufficient guarantee of validity to your controlling bodies for ten years or more.

Create Original Documents

Create your originals by directly collecting the documents to be archived in your collaborative portals, EDI solutions, and business applications.

Digital Authentication & Centralized Invoicing

Combine your purchase & sales invoices in one central platform, handling multiple formats, including EDI, Factur-X, and unstructured formats like PDFs, emails, portal entries, PO Flip, virtual printers, and RPAs.

Upgrade e-Invoicing with these software solutions

AP Automation

Automate the processing of your purchase invoices

Archive Services

Give evidential value to your digital originals

Tap into a high-performing partner ecosystem

Unlock operational efficiency across your physical and critical workflows. Benefit from our best-of-breed SaaS solutions and expertise, backed by high-performance partners and seamless implementation and advisory support for your business journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-invoicing software?

E-invoicing software is a digital solution that automates the creation, delivery, and management of invoices electronically. This software replaces traditional paper-based invoicing, offering a more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective method for managing invoice processes. It includes features like real-time tracking, automated compliance checks, and seamless integration with accounting systems, enhancing overall financial operations and ensuring compliance with global invoicing standards.

What are the key features of the Generix e-Invoicing solution?

Our key features include touchless invoice processing, automation of procure-to-pay (P2P) and order-to-cash (O2C) workflows, adding probative value through secure archiving, and centralizing invoicing for multiple formats.

What are the benefits of transitioning to electronic invoicing?

Switching to electronic invoicing offers multiple advantages:

  • A reduction in invoicing cost and processing time
  • Automation of controls to detect fraud or errors
  • Optimization of cash flow management
  • Seamless data capture with 100% of partners

Transitioning from paper invoices to electronic invoices can save $11 per invoice, making the cost of the cost of e-invoicing software extremely profitable for businesses.

How does e invoicing software improve business processes?

E invoicing software streamlines business processes by automating invoice generation and distribution, reducing manual errors, and speeding up payment cycles. It provides real-time visibility into financial transactions, improves cash flow management, and facilitates easier reconciliation. Additionally, e invoicing solutions enhance compliance with tax regulations and enable easier audit trails, making financial management more efficient and transparent.

Can an e invoicing system integrate with existing business software?

Yes, our e invoicing system is designed for seamless integration with a wide range of business software, including ERP, CRM, and accounting systems. This integration ensures consistent data flow, reduces manual data entry, and enhances operational efficiency by connecting invoicing processes with other business functions.

What security features are included in your e invoicing software solutions?

Our e invoicing software solutions prioritize security with features like encryption, secure data transmission, and access controls. We adhere to stringent data protection standards to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your financial data. Regular security updates and compliance with international data protection regulations further safeguard your information.

How does e invoicing software contribute to environmental sustainability?

By transitioning from paper-based to electronic invoicing, our software significantly reduces paper waste, contributing to environmental sustainability. Digital invoicing eliminates the need for physical storage, reduces printing and postage requirements, and minimizes the carbon footprint associated with traditional invoicing methods.

What support is available for setting up and using e invoicing software?

Generix provides comprehensive support for setting up and using our e invoicing software. Our team offers initial setup assistance, training for your staff, and ongoing technical support to ensure smooth operation. We also provide resources like user guides, FAQs, and customer service hotlines to address any queries or issues. Our commitment to customer support ensures that you can maximize the benefits of our e invoicing solutions with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Stay compliant with e-Invoicing regulations around the world