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TradeXpress Software

Bring your B2B and A2A data together

TradeXpress Infinity integrates your customer, partner, and supplier data into your legacy or ERP software, to streamline communication with all your B2B partners and help you do business faster.

Disorganized data leads to missed opportunities and lost partnerships

TradeXpress Infinity enables dynamic and reliable data exchanges between you and your trading partners to drive efficiency across the entire trade cycle.


  • Onboard new partners with ease

    Over 70 pre-built connectors allow you to quickly integrate new partners into your ERP or legacy system to manage all your communications, orders, supply chain, and invoices in one place.

  • Clean up your data flows

    TradeXpress Infinity manages various data sources and file types, enabling seamless integration and exchange across multiple applications and business workflows.

  • Get 24/7 data monitoring

    TradeXpress Infinity constantly tracks your end-to-end data flow activity, provides KPIs & analytics, and sends notifications to IT operators and business users when there is a suspected error or suspicious activity.

  • Customize security parameters

    Protect your data on the cloud or on-premise. Either way, have peace of mind knowing all your data exchanges are encrypted from end to end.

One software to manage all your B2B partners

Business Process Modeling

Better understand how data flows across your business with interactive diagrams and charts. Integrate your business processes and application workflows to eliminate bottlenecks, redundancies, and inefficiencies.

Electronic Exchange Reporting

Get up-to-the-minute insight into your business operations and KPI performance so that you can track digital flows and respond to bottlenecks quickly.

Data Translation

Automatically convert data from disparate sources to be compatible with your systems, applications, and devices using existing code generation studios and connectors with comprehensive coverage.

Universal Protocol Support

Streamline your data transfers, messages, and API requests using a single solution.

TradeXpress Infinity supports many EDI, MFT, and API management through multiple protocols, including API, Web Services, Message Queuing, EDIINT AS1/2/3/4, OFTP 1/2, X400 P7/P1, SMTP-MIME, FTP SSL, FTP SSH, PeSIT.

Connector Library

Cut down integration time with 70+ pre-built connectors that plug and play into various domains such as EDI and B2B standards, security, transport databases, e-commerce, marketplaces, and ERPs. No complex code required.

Dematerialize Regulated Flows

Digitize your critical e-Invoicing, health data, financial flows, and online declarations into one searchable and secure repository inside your ERP or accounting software.


The supply chain software that adapts to your needs, and not the other way around.

Generix makes scaling your supply chains easier. Seamlessly integrate your current systems and applications with Generix’s 17+ supply chain software solutions to grow your operations as fast, and as far, as you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a B2B integration platform?

A B2B integration platform enables inter-company collaboration by unifying B2B procedures and EDI exchanges within partner networks. It automates workflows, reduces manual interventions, improves operational efficiency, and generates long-term cost savings through process automation and streamlined data exchanges.

What is inter-company collaboration?

Inter-company collaboration, also known as inter-organizational collaboration, involves working across companies or organizations to achieve shared goals. It relies on digital communication and technological tools, such as B2B platforms, which provide a virtual space for teams to collaborate on projects, share ideas, and manage tasks together.

Generix TradeXpress Infinity is a leading integration platform for inter-company B2B exchanges. It facilitates essential inter-application interactions like Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Managed File Transfer (MFT), and Data Transformations (ETL). TradeXpress Infinity enables seamless communication between different software and systems, transcending the boundaries of companies and applications.

How can you improve collaboration between companies?

Enhancing inter-company collaboration requires sharing a vision and common goals. It’s important to go beyond filling gaps and focus on innovation in technologies, processes, and methodologies. By using a homogeneous communication system through an integrated collaborative platform, companies can share data from various systems with employees and external partners. Real-time digital updates improve communication and lead to cost savings.

What is TradeXpress Infinity and how does it enhance trade efficiency?

TradeXpress Infinity is a dynamic software solution from Generix designed to facilitate reliable data exchanges between trading partners. It drives efficiency across the entire trade cycle by managing various data sources, ensuring seamless integration across multiple applications, and providing 24/7 data monitoring and analytics. This leads to more organized data flows, reducing missed opportunities and enhancing partnerships.

How does TradeXpress Infinity simplify the onboarding of new trading partners?

The software features over 70 pre-built connectors, enabling rapid integration of new partners into your ERP or legacy systems. This ease of integration streamlines the management of communications, orders, supply chain, and invoices, all in one centralized location, making the onboarding process swift and efficient.

Can TradeXpress Infinity manage different data formats and sources?

Yes, TradeXpress Infinity is designed to handle various data sources and file types. It provides seamless integration and exchange capabilities across multiple applications and business workflows. This feature ensures clean data flows, reducing bottlenecks and inefficiencies in data handling.

What security measures does TradeXpress Infinity offer for data exchanges?

TradeXpress Infinity allows customization of security parameters to protect your data, whether stored on the cloud or on-premise. It ensures that all data exchanges are encrypted end-to-end, offering peace of mind regarding the security and integrity of your sensitive business information.

What types of protocols and connectors does TradeXpress Infinity support?

TradeXpress Infinity supports a wide range of protocols, including API, Web Services, Message Queuing, EDIINT AS1/2/3/4, OFTP 1/2, X400 P7/P1, SMTP-MIME, FTP SSL, FTP SSH, PeSIT, and more. Additionally, it offers a library of 70+ pre-built connectors for various domains like EDI, B2B standards, security, transport databases, e-commerce, marketplaces, and ERPs. This extensive support simplifies integration and streamlines data transfers, messages, and API requests using a single solution.

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