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Customer Portal Software

Digitize your Order to Cash process

Streamline the management of multi-channel orders, sales catalogs, order receipts, shipping notices, and billing in one collaborative customer portal software.

  • Up to 60%

    Save up to 60% of order processing costs

  • 360º

    visibility of cash flow

Goodbye paper. Hello productivity.

The Generix Customer Portal empowers you to collaborate more efficiently with your customers, including affiliates, independent entities, points of sale, boutiques, subsidiaries, and more.


Save money with each paperless customer order

Eliminate costly paper printing, handling, postage, and archiving. And speed up order processing times to realize revenue faster.


Improve your customers’ order experience

Enable online orders via personalized catalogs. Customers can select items, make online payments, and receive e-Invoices using a secure client access login.


Spend less time resolving discrepancies and disputes

Improve the quality of your data by eliminating manual processing errors. Orders are automatically validated and verified for accuracy.


Gain real-time visibility into order status and invoices

See all order and payment data in one dashboard. Your departments can view orders in real time and coordinate as needed to avoid delays.

Customer Portal features your teams will love

Online Order Entry

Customers can add items to a shopping cart, scan items, or repeat previous and programmed purchases.


Automate the entire customer order lifecycle: auditing, acceptance or modification, integration, preparation, delivery, reception invoicing, and document sharing across contracts, pricing, and sales promotion.

Multi-Channel Orders

Set up a central entry point for all categories: portal, EDI files, XML, fax, PDF, paper, and more.

Digital Invoicing & Payment

Publish customer invoices and attachments, offer tax dematerialization and archiving services, and facilitate online payments.

Processing & Approvals

Centralize receipts, quality controls, and approval workflows — automatically integrated with your commercial management software.

Real-Time Visibility

View order KPIs, customer data, and productivity performance in real-time via the Customer Portal dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is customer portal software and how does it enhance the order to cash process?

Customer portal software is a digital platform that streamlines multi-channel order management, from sales catalogs to billing. It enhances the order-to-cash process by providing a collaborative space for handling order receipts, shipping notices, and invoicing efficiently, leading to increased productivity and profitability.

How does Generix’s Customer Portal software contribute to cost savings in order processing?

Our Customer Portal significantly reduces order processing costs by up to 60%. It achieves this by minimizing paper use, accelerating order processing times, and improving cash flow visibility. This leads to a more efficient, cost-effective order management process.

Can client portal software improve the customer ordering experience?

Absolutely, client portal software like Generix’s solution enhances the customer ordering experience. It allows for online orders through personalized catalogs, secure client access for payments, and the receipt of eInvoices, thereby making the entire ordering process more convenient and user-friendly.

How does customer support portal software aid in resolving discrepancies and disputes?

Customer support portal software plays a crucial role in minimizing discrepancies and disputes. It improves data quality by eliminating manual processing errors, ensuring orders are automatically validated and verified for accuracy, leading to smoother and more reliable operations.

What features does the Generix Customer Portal offer for real-time visibility into orders and payments?

The Generix Customer Portal offers comprehensive real-time visibility features. It provides a dashboard for viewing all order and payment data, enabling departments to coordinate effectively and prevent delays by tracking orders and payments as they happen.

How does secure client portal software ensure data security and privacy in customer interactions?

Secure client portal software like the Generix Customer Portal prioritizes data security and privacy. It offers secure client access, ensuring that customer interactions and transactions are protected with the latest security measures. This builds trust and ensures compliance with data privacy regulations.

Make your order cycle more reliable

See how the Generix Customer Portal can transform your Order to Cash process.