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Order Tracking Software

Follow every order from dock to doorstep

Discover the efficiency of Generix’s order tracking software. It provides shippers with detailed visibility into the status of their domestic and international orders as they travel from suppliers to factories to warehouse locations.

Don’t just track orders, trace them

Real-time order traceability gathers dynamic, up-to-the-minute order insights throughout the entire order lifecycle, enabling shippers to identify bottlenecks, optimize routes— all while keeping customers in the loop.


Stay one step ahead of disruption

Get notified of upstream shipping and transport challenges like mechanical delays or capacity constraints to proactively adjust downstream transport and logistics operations.


Strengthen shipper/supplier relationships

In-platform communication between shippers and suppliers increases order accuracy and reduces the risk of disputes.


Give customers the information they want

Reduce strain on your customer success teams by providing your customers with automated order tracking and projected ETAs.

Order tracking system features your teams will love

Operational Visibility

Get a real-time view of all your orders and their statuses across transport, factories, warehouses, and subcontractors’ operations.

Order Performance

Charts, graphs, and dashboards offer a clear visual representation of how well the actual execution aligns with planned timelines, expected milestones, and projected performance metrics.

Data Collection

Gather traceability data from all partner systems thanks to Generix’s extensive list of pre-built connectors, APIs, and traditional interfaces.

Notifications & Alerts

Set custom parameters to detect order anomalies like delays, inventory shortages, or unexpected changes in order status.

Communication Hub

Share insights, live order updates, and associated documents with third-party providers and suppliers without leaving the platform.

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Warehouse Management

Drive operational efficiency across warehouse activities

Vendor Managed Inventory

Build a lean, demand-driven supply chain

Yard Management

Optimize and organize your yard operations

3PL Portal

Collaborate with third-party logistics providers

Data Power

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Tap into a high-performing partner ecosystem

Unlock operational efficiency across your physical and critical workflows. Benefit from our best-of-breed SaaS solutions and expertise, backed by high-performance partners and seamless implementation and advisory support for your business journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What capabilities does Generix’s order tracking software offer?

Our order tracking software provides comprehensive features including real-time tracking, automated updates, and integration with existing order management systems. It’s designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in order management, ensuring a smooth experience for both businesses and their customers.

How does Generix’s software improve order management processes?

Our order management software streamlines operations by automating key tasks, providing detailed analytics, and facilitating easier communication between departments. It effectively reduces errors and increases the speed of order processing, making it ideal for any B2B sales order management software needs.

Can an order tracking system integrate with other platforms?

Yes, our order tracking system is designed for seamless integration with various platforms, including other OMS software and ERP systems. This integration capability ensures a unified approach to order management, enhancing data accuracy and process efficiency across your business operations.

Is an order management platform suitable for large-scale operations?

Absolutely. Our order management platform is scalable and robust, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes, including those with large-scale, complex operations. It supports a wide range of functions from order entry to fulfillment, ensuring efficiency at every stage.

How does Generix’s order management software support B2B transactions?

Our B2B order management software is tailored to meet the unique demands of B2B transactions. It offers features like bulk order processing, complex pricing structures, and customer-specific catalogs, all designed to streamline the B2B sales process.

What sets Generix’s order fulfillment software apart from competitors?

Our order fulfillment software stands out for its real-time tracking capabilities, intuitive interface, and advanced analytics. It not only streamlines the fulfillment process but also provides valuable insights to continuously improve your order management strategy.

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