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B2B Collaboration
April 18, 2024

Connect your business network with next-gen collaboration technology


Do you want to deeply modernize your collaboration technology without disruption? To help connect businesses together, we are pleased to announce the next generation of Generix Collaborative Network  technology. The new technology leverages the most advanced development, cloud and connectivity standards for higher robustness across your digital collaborations.

With the exponential increase of digital transformations these last years, we’ve seen an explosion of data combined with the multiplication of business networks. These breakthrough changes have led to new requirements in areas such as interoperability, data security, confidentiality of information and SLA compliance, just to name a few.

The next generation of Generix Collaborative Network is intended to deliver massive simplifications and innovations in EDI to help you easily integrate your business partners and accelerate collaboration in a digital and networked economy. It represents a significant evolution since we started to develop B2B integration technologies for customers.

Drive instant connections with any business partner, anywhere

The new collaboration technology is designed to drive instant connections across business networks with confidence and with the ultimate sophistication: simplicity.

  • Resilient, stable and automatically scalable
  • DevOps pipelines for fast and predictable deployments
  • Modular deployments capabilities
  • Zero downtime deployments
  • Multi-thread database engine
  • Traceability without impact on performance

Innovate without disruption

To our Generix Collaborative Network customers

The innovations delivered with Generix Collaborative Network  are intended to be delivered with a phased and non-disruptive customer adoption approach to replace the previous technology.

  • The first phase covering the routing engine replacement has been delivered on April 21st, 2024
  • The second phase is intended to cover inbound and outbound optimization

We will keep you informed on the next phase and future innovations planned.

The change of technology will be fully managed by Generix without action required on your side. Our team is ready to answer any question you may have on the innovations that we intend to deliver with Generix Collaborative Network.
Feel free to contact us to

We are on a mission to digitally connect all businesses together across global value chains. We are honored to continue to serve you as a loyal customer and are committed to continue to help you execute on your digital strategy with the best technology ever.

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