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Carrier Portals

Digitize your carrier communications

Streamline the charter and freight booking process to get your shippers, transport carriers, and logistics teams working in sync with our transport and carrier portal.

  • 1 million

    controlled transport operations

Optimize your routes and resources

Get all transportation stakeholders communicating directly using their Carrier Portal login. It’s efficient, secure, and reduces the risk of delays and disputes.


Accelerate the charter process

Automate your charter process to gain confidence in the security of your deliveries. Leverage digital communication and document exchange for on-time transport order processing.


Reduce invoicing costs

Digitize assignment acceptance, invoicing, and proof of delivery to improve operational efficiency within your transportation department.


Set your carriers up for success

Enable carriers to provide accurate, up-to-date information. Carriers can view shipments, accept orders, and schedule pickups and deliveries directly through the Carrier Portal.


Evaluate carrier performance

View historical data, including on-time delivery metrics, service quality ratings, and invoicing.

Carrier Portal features your teams will love

Transport Requests

Factories, agencies, and more can share their transport needs and receive instructions through the portal.

File Tracking

Detailed pickup and delivery instructions are automatically sent to carriers. All transportation events can be easily documented through the Carrier Portal.

Carrier Requests

Transport requests are sent through the portal. Recipients receive instant notifications to accept or reject the request.

Digital Document Uploading

Drivers can access the Carrier Portal from their onboard systems and upload signed documents, photos, and more.


Carriers can view all available loading appointments at your warehouse, including the specific door at which to arrive.


Pro-forma invoices are published to the portal for validation/modification and completed online by the carrier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Carrier Portal?

A carrier portal is a digital platform that facilitates efficient communication and coordination between shippers, transport carriers, and logistics teams. Generix’s Carrier Portal streamlines the charter and freight booking process, ensuring secure, synchronized operations and reducing the risk of delays and disputes.

How Does a Carrier Portal Improve Transportation Efficiency?

Generix’s Carrier Portal enhances transportation efficiency by providing a centralized platform for transport requests, appointment scheduling, and document management. It enables direct communication among stakeholders, accelerates the charter process, and reduces invoicing costs, contributing to smoother transport operations.

What are the Key Features of a Transport Portal?

Essential features of a transport portal include transport request management, carrier requests handling, appointment scheduling, file tracking, digital document uploading, and pre-invoicing capabilities. Generix’s Carrier Portal offers these functionalities, enabling efficient and transparent transport management.

How Can a Carrier Portal Login Enhance Supply Chain Visibility?

With a Carrier Portal login, stakeholders gain enhanced supply chain visibility. They can directly view and manage shipments, accept orders, schedule pickups, and deliveries, and track transportation events, significantly improving the transparency and efficiency of the supply chain.

What Benefits Does a Multi-Carrier Portal Offer?

A multi-carrier portal offers benefits like streamlined communication across various carriers, efficient handling of transport requests, and real-time tracking of transportation events. Generix’s Carrier Portal allows for easy evaluation of carrier performance, including delivery metrics and service quality ratings.

How Does a Carrier Portal Contribute to Reducing Transportation Costs?

Generix’s Carrier Portal contributes to reducing transportation costs by digitizing assignment acceptance, invoicing, and proof of delivery processes. This digital approach streamlines operations, enhances operational efficiency, and minimizes the administrative overhead associated with traditional transportation management.

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