Partnering up with Solochain WMS means going forward, only faster. Discover implementation made easy with our user-friendly solution. Start selling a world-class quality Warehouse Management System to increase efficiency for you and your customers.


Get a Head Start, Build on a  Strong and Renowned Community

Generix Group has already more than 6,000 SaaS customers.

  • Over 150 proven standard business processes

  • Over 30 years of experience that translates into stress-free projects

  • Implementation based on flexibility and cost efficiency

Real Value Reaps Real Benefits

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Find out What's in it for You

A Partnership Program Built Around Adaptability

We don’t just simplify life for our customers. We do so for our partners as well. Adaptability is at the core of SOLOCHAIN WMS successes, which is why you can now benefit from an easy-to-use, quick-toimplement, and visually pleasing solution.

Our adaptability grants us more possibilities. Possibilities that you can now turn into opportunities.

Whether it is to generate opportunities, implement or resell, there’s always a beneficial path for you and your customer growth.

Access the support and resources necessary to leverage an intelligent WMS that suits the future needs of the biggest industries. Become a SOLOCHAIN WMS partner today.




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