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In terms of electronic exchanges, companies are facing new issues: opening of business processes, growth of trade, need for real-time visibility, security of transactions, compliance with regulatory constraints or management of new technologies: mobile, cloud , IoT, API.
With Generix EDI Plateform Software, the company supports these challenges and modernizes its multi-firm trade capabilities. The solution speeds up and simplifies your integration projects regardless of partner category, technologies or business processes involved. It is supplemented by several value-added services: onboarding, collaborative portal, API management, content management, e-invoicing, MFT, allowing you to centralize the governance of your electronic flow. Generix EDI Solution is the next generation of the GCI TradeXpress platform of Generix, leader on the European market of inter-firm trade.





50% reduction inB2B integration costs

Simplify your integration projects thanks to a new generation of B2B All-in-one platform 

Control your strategic flows

Streamline your solutions provide traceability from start to finish during the execution of your business processes.

Deliver your projets with european leader of EDI saas

Join a community of 5,000 customers already digitizing 2 million B2B transactions every day. 

Main features
Model your integration process according to business constraints

Configure your B2B integration projects according to your business processes, management rules, events, notifications, workflow, alerts. 

Convert the data to send and receive

Transform all electronic formats (EDI, XML, ERP, ETL, PDT) in compliance with EDI/EDI standards.

Transport your electronic files

Ensure your connectivity with Generix Collaborative Network, with the support of 30 transport protocols and 100 interconnections. 

Ensure integration with your business applications

With hundreds of application connectors (SAP, MS, Oracle, Sage), you can easily integrate your applications with your B2B platform. 

Control your EDI/B2B trade

Monitor your B2B flows with a graphic console and management of business control panels. 

Access a library of 3,000 B2B mappings

Accelerate the implementation of your projects by capitalizing on ready-made mapping. 

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Complementary solutions

Generix Group solutions fit all your needs in supply chain management, datas and omnichannel sales. Find out the additionnal solutions used by our clients.

Generix TMS

TMS - Gestion du transport

Faire les meilleurs choix d’affrètement et de chargement au quotidien pour réduire son coût transport.
Generix YMS

YMS – Yard Management System

Planifier les rendez-vous et optimiser les flux dans la cour
Generix OMS

OMS - Order Management System

Provoquer l’achat et tenir la promesse client
Generix MES

MES - Manufacturing Execution System

Relie l’entrepôt au plancher de production
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