[Infographic] 3 new Supply Chain management solutions

Published on 14 January 2021

3 new Supply Chain management solutions
Isabelle Badoc
Product Marketing Manager
Supply Chain

How does one balance cost reduction with customer satisfaction, while continuing to offer competitive services? This is the difficult question the Supply Chain is up against. Driven by digital transformation, it’s becoming increasingly innovative, collaborative and intelligent. Which management solutions does the Supply Chain rely on to meet these new challenges? Find the answer in the infographic.

New Supply Chain management solutions

Supply Chain Management: competitive stakes

Supply Chain management refers to the overall management of all procurement steps, from supplier to end-customer. At a time where consumers are increasingly demanding because they are exposed to a very wide variety of options, effective Supply Chain management is crucial to ensuring a company’s competitive edge.

The main problem of Supply Chain management then becomes to link and coordinate all the stakeholders of the chain. To do this, it has gradually acquired various tools, which are primarily digital: WMS, TMS, EDI, etc.


New Supply Chain management solutions

There are 3 main Supply Chain management solutions:

  • Connected devices: they generate digital data that can be aggregated, analyzed and operated at all stages of the chain.
  • Smart Automation: according to an IBM survey, 80% of companies are expected to implement this mode of operation by 2021. Among other things, it helps to refine the accuracy of forecasts and improve execution speed.
  • Blockchain : an effective solution to ensure the complete traceability of products, it facilitates transparency and helps to combat fraud.

More than ever, Supply Chain management is now essential to maintaining and strengthening a company’s competitive edge. The solutions emerging today, blockchain connected devices, ensure both reactivity and traceability which have become real customer requirements. Want to know more?