[Infographic] 6 important KPIs to monitor in a shared supply management context

Published on 4 June 2020

Important VMI KPIs to monitor
Quentin Censier
Senior Supply Chain Consultant
B2B Collaboration

Making the right product available at the right time is a challenge industrial companies are faced with daily. To optimize their Supply Management, many are choosing Vendor Management Inventory, a system based on collaboration between client and vendor. To ensure your VMI project is successful, however, some KPIs must be monitored attentively. Generix Group has compiled everything you need to know on the subject in an infographic.


The challenges of Shared Supply Management 

Implementing a VMI lets customers and vendors collectively manage their product workflows. Using this collaborative model, they can optimize Supply Management by geolocating stocks and measuring their levels according to real-time consumption data provided by sales locations. This leads to improved customer service, reduced overstocking, better cost management, and increased sales. 
The Shared Supply Management process has proven itself to be an undeniable advantage, particularly when dealing with FMCG players. Powerful collaborative solutions have also proven to be a growth driver and can set a company apart from the competition.
To learn more about this topic: [Product Sheet] The Benefits of Shared Supply Management 

 Six key VMI KPIs

Generix Group experts have defined six important KPIs to measure, from consumption predictions to stockout rates.    

Whether you’re looking to improve needs evaluation to take advantage of forecasting trends and turnover rates, or directing future actions to limit surcharges, VMIs offer a wide array of key information and advantages, as shown in the infographic below. 

Implementing a VMI offers a number of competitive advantages, provided that users know how to take full advantage of their solution. To do so, they must carefully monitor the right indicators. Generix Group has compiled a list in the six-point infographic below. Are you new to the collaborative adventure? Or perhaps you are looking for a way to guard against the risk of error. Generix Group is here to help!



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