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By Admine
on 04 Oct 2016 11:34 AM
  • Grande Distribution
In August of 2016, we spoke with Ghislain Vathelot, Country Manager of Generix Group in Russia, to learn about how things were going for our newest subsidiary headquartered in Moscow. 
We’ve divided the discussion into two parts, each consisting of three questions and their responses. Please enjoy below Part 1 of our spotlight on Generix Group’s growing presence in the northern Eurasia region. 

What led to the creation of the Russian Generix Group subsidiary?

Before becoming an official division this past June, I had already been working with Generix Group as a consultant partner for two years. In 2015, we began to develop the idea of creating the subsidiary in order to establish a real entity in Russia. 
Jean-Charles Deconninck, Generix Group’s CEO, knew how important brand presence was for vendors, and so it was the next logical step for him in the evolution of our partnership. 
Since we had already been implementing Generix Group solutions and developing the market together, it wasn’t such a great leap for us to join forces at the next level and create a subdivision based on our common understanding of how business, particularly that specialized in supply chain management for retail, should be conducted in the region. 
So with this, a solid common base, along with the executive team led by Jean-Charles doing a fantastic job in building relationships and being reactive to the requests of our marketing team, creation has unfolded very smoothly. 

What have been your main accomplishments thus far?

I think the main accomplishment was getting two influential customers on board, who are both leaders in their respective industries: Leroy Merlin, the number one home improvement and gardening retailer in Russia, and FM Logistic, who are number one here in 3PL. 
Working with these two leaders, we are able to develop the market, and help to popularize the trend of SaaS here, which is still a new concept for traditional Russian retailers.
We also hosted an event recently, which we used as an opportunity to communicate that Generix Group is now present in Russia as a subsidiary, and not just as a partner. For this occasion, we collaborated with the French embassy to communicate our announcement. We had around 80 participants representing 30 to 40 different companies. It was a big success for us.
These types of events are key for our development here. Since we’re a new player in a relatively new space, a major requisite of our job is educating the market, and communicating strategically what it is we aim to do here in Russia.

How can you continue to grow and be successful in the region?

As mentioned, communication and education are very important parts of our growth plan. There are a number of ways in which we can get the message out there, including participating and hosting more events. 
Of course, we must continue to work with our existing client base, to help them optimize their distribution and deploy more of our solutions. Ultimately, we want our clients to grow and we want to grow alongside them.
Our other objective for the near future is to work with more Russian customers; that is, traditional Russian companies. It’s one thing to work with businesses headquartered in France, the same as Generix Group, who have expanded to Russia. However, it’s a different sort of milestone to work with native Russian companies, to show that we have adapted to the local market and that we’re a true part of the ecosystem.
If we can reach the point where we are perceived as a Russian company, localized alongside other types of businesses synonymous with the Russian market, then this will be a significant step up for us. Beyond having traditional Russian clients, this also includes taking measures such as working directly in the ruble.

Please check back soon for Part 2 of our discussion with Ghislain Vathelot, Country Manager of Generix Group in Russia.
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