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gestionar recursos almacén
By Laurent Cochet
on 26 Apr 2018 9:38 AM

With the rise of e-commerce, the number of orders coming in and out of the warehouse is multiplying and warehouse managers are faced with new challenges. Today, being able to anticipate, control and ensure the effective management of human and technical resources available in real time is a major challenge. However, the entire warehouse resource management can be done from a smartphone or a tablet to increase mobility. How to go about it, you ask? Follow our guide!


Dive into the heart of warehouse resource management

Warehouse managers supervise incoming goods, storage of goods and the preparation and shipment of orders. To properly carry out these tasks, 2 types of resources are available: 

When we talk about warehouse resource management, we are mainly referring to the management of human resources.

On a daily basis, warehouse managers must plan the team’s work based on the tasks that need to be done. To organize the day’s work, warehouse managers thus need to know how many trucks are expected to arrive at the warehouse with incoming goods, how many people are available to unload and store the goods and how many forklifts are needed to carry the goods.


Understanding a warehouse manager’s major concerns

A warehouse manager’s major concern is warehouse resource management (forklifts, manpower). To meet obligations, a warehouse manager must have real visibility on the resources available and the tasks that need to be carried out. To fulfill this mission, ask yourselves the following fundamental questions:

● What resources do I have available right now?
● How can I adapt resources to the workload?
● How should I allocate resources to ensure our obligations are met?

In addition to these questions, various factors and constraints need to be taken into consideration:

● allocating tasks based on resources;
● meeting delivery times;
● prioritizing tasks when understaffed.

Warehouse managers must also be able to track operations in real time and quickly intervene in order to ensure deadlines are met. In order to optimally control tasks, they need an application that provides them with real visibility of on-site operations and allows them to modify priorities and reassign resources currently in use all from a smartphone (a feature that is not yet offered but will soon be up and running!).

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The new Generix Group WMS solution

To fulfill the needs of warehouse managers, Generix Group has developed a solution capable of managing resources based on an order portfolio. Designed to be used on a touch screen tablet or smartphone, this application enables warehouse managers to control on-site operations while giving them the freedom of mobility.



With the module, you can view the load that needs to be processed from the order portfolio and search orders regardless of their status. Thus, warehouse managers have real-time visibility over the number of parcels to prepare, pallets ready for shipment and personnel available for order preparation. They will soon be able to allocate available resources to order preparation.

Nota bene
In order to operate an effective warehouse resource management, warehouse managers must know the work capacity of their resources. If there are 60 parcels to prepare, they must know that 2 people can complete the task in 1 hour.

In the “summary” section of the application dashboard, warehouse managers can follow the progress of tasks which are color coded based on their status. Tasks in progress are shown in fuchsia and then in green when they are completed.

On the screen, you can also see the number of resources required for a specific task and the number of workers available to be assigned to this task if needed. Furthermore, an orange bar indicates the entire load that needs to be prepared to finish processing the orders selected. Goal: to provide warehouse managers with an overall view of operations in progress and mobile solutions for managing and thus optimizing resources.



On an e-commerce platform, it is difficult to anticipate workload due to last-minute orders. With an overall view of the order portfolio in real time, warehouse managers are able to operate an efficient warehouse resource management as orders are placed without having to plan tasks ahead of time. They can also view a specific order and track its preparation progress and thus determine when to assign workers to other tasks.


With the new WMS application developed by Generix Group, you now have an overview of all the resources available in your warehouse. Handling activity peaks and managing teams has just become easier. Want to find out more about this new warehouse resource management solution? Download the product specifications now!




Image credit: Pixabay – Geralt

Laurent Cochet

Senior Principal Consultant, is developing Generix Consulting Services to accompany Customers in their Supply Chain Digital Transformation. He has a particularly strong expertise on Apparel and Footwear products lifecycles and E-Commerce logistics.