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Gestire efficacemente la preparazione in magazzino
By Laurent Cochet
on 29 May 2018 10:19 AM

To meet consumer demands, today’s warehouses are faced with new challenges such as the e-commerce wave picking management. Dealing with large order volumes of orders has become a major challenge for warehouse managers in charge of ensuring packages are shipped on time. How can you effectively manage waves of simultaneously placed orders? It’s all a matter of organization and visibility! 


Wave picking management: what is it? 

With the rise of e-commerce, companies now regularly have to deal with large flows of simultaneous orders. To fulfill simultaneous delivery demands, warehouse managers and operators must get organized.

The most effective technique is to strategically group all orders so you can process them according to specific needs. With a dedicated software, you can define the qualitative and quantitative criteria to apply for grouping similar orders. This wave configuration stage allows you to prioritize, for example, all orders with fewer than 3 items.  


Managing large inflows of orders in warehouse 

The ultimate challenge for warehouse managers is to ship orders on schedule to ensure delivery times are met. As such, they must have a real visibility of order waves in order to optimize processing operations.

In the past, warehouse management software allowed you to divide orders based only on the scheduled delivery date. However, depending on the distance to the delivery destination and the means of transport used, this method is not always suitable.  That is why team managers need to have a solution that is capable of taking into account, for example, the departure time from the warehouse and the destination. 

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Manage order waves with Generix Group WMS 

To respond to the concerns of warehouse managers, Generix Supply Chain Hub now integrates a brand-new feature: the optimal and user-friendly management of wave picking. Now you can manage order picking flows based on their date and time of departure from the warehouse. The software thus enables you to more carefully process waves, track waves in real time with a highly visual interface, immediately take action to manage hazards, and optimize vehicle loading based on the size of packages and available space.

During handling operations, Generix Group’s solution provides an overview of the progress of tasks for a given wave. For example, you can follow the progress of orders, with fewer than 3 items, that must leave the warehouse by 3:30pm. This visibility makes planning logistics operations more precise than ever before. If you do not have enough resources to prepare your orders or if certain products are out of stock, you can quickly take corrective actions, for example, by placing last-minute replenishment orders.

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Aside from wave tracking, Generix Group’s solution also provides you with a more precise view of the different stages in package preparation. Managers, for example, can track information about the picking operations needed to prepare each package.

More generally, you can also view the preparation status for products in the same delivery round. In the example above, 59 picking operations are still needed to terminate the selected round, load and ship.

Thanks to the different display windows, the new Generix Group solution provides warehouse managers with real-time visibility of wave picking operations. This feature gives them the possibility to quickly react to incidents in order to prevent obstacles from blocking the shipment preparation cycle. 


What are the benefits of the Supply Chain Hub WMS? 

With a visual and intuitive overview of order preparation operations, the Supply Chain Hub WMS solutions enables you to:   

● view all wave picking operations and thus anticipate upcoming waves;
● have at-a-glance information on the volume of operations that has already been executed and that is pending for the waves in progress; 
● react as quickly as possible to guarantee waves are properly executed. 

The Generix Group WMS is a flexible solution that adapts at all times to the needs of warehouse managers: it provides intermediary visibility for the overall tracking of wave picking operations but also provides a detailed view of tasks so you can prioritize your actions. 


Designed by Generix Group to respond to the challenges warehouse managers face when it comes to managing wave picking operations, the new Supply Chain Hub WMS solution also enables you to manage resources, provision rounds, docks, and more. Want more information about our warehouse management solution? Click on the link below to discover all its features!


Download Generix Group's WMS product sheet


Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Laurent Cochet

Senior Principal Consultant, is developing Generix Consulting Services to accompany Customers in their Supply Chain Digital Transformation. He has a particularly strong expertise on Apparel and Footwear products lifecycles and E-Commerce logistics.