Generix Group Executive Team


Generix Group is an expert in the Collaborative Supply Chain with presence in 60 countries thanks to its subsidiaries and network of partners. More than 6,000 companies around the world use its SaaS solutions. The group’s 750 employees provide daily assistance to clients such as Carrefour, Danone, FM Logistic, Fnac-Darty, Essilor, Ferrero and Geodis in the digital transformation of their Supply Chains. 

Its collaborative platform, Generix Supply Chain Hub, helps companies keep their promises to their customers. It connects companies to all their partners so together they can operate physical flows, digitize information flows, and collaboratively manage processes in real time.  



Jean-Charles DECONNINCK began his career at IBM in 1986 after holding the following positions : Sales Engineer, Head of Sales Department, Head of the Distribution France and Belgium sales activity and then Marketing Manager Europe for Retail.
In 2000, he joined the LGS France group as Head of the European structure and then Managing Director. In 2005, Mr DECONNINCK joined GENERIX GROUP S.A. as Chairman of the Management Board.



Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Aïda Collette-Sène begins her professional career in Canada. In 1996, following several experiences acquired in major North American consulting firms, she joined Compagnie d'Informatique d'Affaires (CIA  ), a subsidiary of CGI, before being appointed CEO France in 2007. In 2010, she joined CGI France as CEO. She took part in the merger with LOGICA and then held the position of Senior Vice President until 2018. In mid-2018, Aïda Collette-Sène joined GENERIX GROUP S.A. as Chief Executive Officer.



Ludovic Luzza
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Ludovic LUZZA began his career in 2002 in the retail sector, where he held the position of Audit Manager for Mazars in Lille from 2004 to 2009.

He joined GENERIX GROUP S.A. where he was in charge of the accounting, consolidation and treasury perimeters before becoming Financial Reporting Director in 2011 and then Group Financial Director at the beginning of 2012. After several years of expertise within Generix Group, he became Chief Financial Officer in 2014.


Catherine Paitel
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Catherine Paitel began her career in 1996 in the field of IT trade press at IDG Communications. She then joined companies in the information technology and services sector such as Bull, Unisys and CGI.

Catherine Paitel joins Generix in April 2019. Her mission is to develop Generix Group's reputation and accompany its commercial growth in all of its markets, with the following priorities: accelerating its positioning as an opinion leader, implementing an ambitious content strategy, developing international marketing programmes and leading the marketing and communication community in all the countries where Generix Group is present.









Philippe Seguin
France General Manager

Philippe Seguin began his career as an engineer at Arianespace in Kourou, before becoming an International Responsible Business for the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He joined Transiciel in 1997 (which has since become Cap Gemini Sogeti), where he held the positions of ERP Agency Director, then Offer Director before joining GENERIX GROUP S.A. in 2004 as Director of Consulting and Services.

Philippe Seguin is continuing his development and will take up the position of Managing Director France in April 2020. The creation of a France entity within the Group will enable the company to structure its activities in France as effectively as possible, and to closely monitor its objectives for growth in turnover and market share, with a multidisciplinary team of supply chain experts. 



Thomas Gentils
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Thomas Gentils began his career in 1999 as an Engineering Officer with the Gendarmerie Nationale for 2 years, before joining Schlumberger as a Project Manager in R&D. In 2004, he joined Gemalto (Thales group) as head of the R&D division in charge of the development of new generation payments with numerous deployments, notably in England, Japan and Canada.

In September 2019, Thomas Gentils joins Generix Group and takes over the company's Engineering Department. At the head of around 200 engineers spread across France and North America, he manages all product developments and new developments, the Group's Research (notably with Big Data), and coordinates the teams in the various countries on these subjects. He is also in charge of the Group's IT security, in collaboration with the Information Systems Department.








Julien Boisnet
Chief Sales Officer

Julien Boisnet began his career at GIAT Industrie as a Logistics Support Analyst Engineer before joining Consort NT as Account Manager. He joined LMS International (Siemens Group) in 2006, an engineering company working with advanced manufacturing industries, including automotive and aeronautics, as Global Account Manager and then Sales Manager. He then joined Adents, a publisher of innovative software solutions dedicated to product traceability, as Sales Director EMEA, before becoming Vice President of EMEA Sales and then Vice President of Worldwide Sales. 

In October 2019, Julien Boisnet joined Generix Group as Chief Sales Officer. His mission is to coordinate and oversee sales strategy and efficiency across all the group's geographies. Julien Boisnet is responsible for the day-to-day monitoring of sales in the regions and ensures that the pre-sales, commitment and bid management functions are properly supported for the benefit of these regions



Luc Maufrais
Chief Customer Services Officer

Luc Maufrais began his career at Alcatel TITN Answare and then joined Systar as EMEA Professional Services Director. There he developed the service activities for new European customers and deployed new customer loyalty strategies. In 2004, he joined Systar's US subsidiary in Washington DC as VP Customer Services with the main tasks of developing the services business, support and pre-sales for North America. 

Luc Maufrais will join Generix Group in 2015 as Director of SaaS Transition, accompanying the group in a major strategic shift. In April 2020, Luc Maufrais was appointed Chief Customer Services Officer of Generix Group. He is now in charge of all the company's customer services activities: consulting, implementation and support (Professional Services), technical support and the provision of Generix Group's SaaS (Cloud Operations) solutions.




Valérie Berjonneau
Director of Human Resources

Valérie Berjonneau is a lawyer in labour law, in 1999, she moved to the Balkans to work on reconstruction projects (for NGOs and international organisations). In 2008, she moved back to France and developed international HR projects in the transport and engineering sector (SNCF, Systra). In 2014, Valérie Berjonneau was nominated Human Resources Director at Lazard France before joining Banque Chaabi du Maroc as Human Resources Director for Europe, where she was responsible for harmonising the European HR policy. In addition, Valérie Berjonneau teaches Human Resources at the HR Master 2 of Celsa (Sorbonne University).

As Director of Human Resources for Generix Group since July 2020, Valérie Berjonneau's priority is to make Generix's human resources international and agile in order to support the group's development.