Omnichannel Strategy

For smoother and more efficient customer journeys


The refrain is well known: by having access to information about their preferences, needs and behavioral patterns, it is easier to address the right message to a customer or prospect and improve their customer experience. This is essential to implement truly effective loyalty and promotion programs, and therefore to have a significant impact on conversion. But the multiplication of contact points, from the physical store to the e-shop and the large marketplaces, implies a complex omnichannel strategy and an excellent orchestration of marketing and sales tools.

The omnichannel scenario therefore implies having unified data, with the same processing quality depending on the origin of the order, and centralizing data to have a global vision of the customer and the prospect. This unified commerce therefore implies being able to orchestrate the various sales tools and ensure their interconnection to increase their efficiency. This is what Generix offers with its Sales Marketing Orchestration range, which groups loyalty, promotion and omnichannel management software around a unified customer portal.

The Omnichannel Sales Solutions

Loyalty - Omnichannel Loyalty Software

The performance of an omnichannel loyalty and customer knowledge engine

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Analytics & KPIs - KPIs and Sales Analysis

Inform your business decisions by analyzing your performance

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Promotion - Promotional Operations

Define and orchestrate all your promotional marketing channels from a single point

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LocalPOS - Payment Software

Make your sales and collection processes more secure, reliable and fluid

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Sales - Sales Management

Reconcile your touch points, federate your sales channels and personalize your offers.

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