Supply Chain Consulting: Our Value Offer

Our teams work with you to meet your customers' expectations and translate them into robust, efficient and scalable customized supply chain solutions


With 25 years of experience in supply chain and consulting, our teams of business experts are at your service to help you face the challenges you face in managing and transforming your supply chain. 

Business is changing!

Consumer behavior is changing more and more quickly, modifying their purchasing patterns and expectations. They have access to all distribution channels for a global offer that is increasingly personalized, fast and responsible. These new challenges are shaking up the world of consumption, forcing the supply chain to be creative, agile and excellent.   

Solutions are evolving

Evolutions in mass data processing, in analysis power, and also in algorithms (AI, predictive, production control, transport combinations) are opening up new perspectives for organizing trade flows and exchanges differently. These advances, as well as the operating constraints required to meet the ever-increasing customer promise, require us to explore all the innovative solutions on the market. These solutions, which we are familiar with within the Group, are becoming essential and differentiating for the competitiveness of companies.

Your company is progressing

It is adapting to these new marketing and sales modes, which have entered the heart of the supply chain, and changing to maintain and increase its performance. And the supply chain, as a true catalyst of these forces, will be the actor who will realize all or part of this promise to the customer.


Our expertises



How does Generix Group support you?

Supporting your strategy





With its expertise, forged by years of management positions in the business units that make up the supply chain, but also as a consultant in supply chain transformation, our teams help you develop or implement your global strategy to build together the best approach to your supply chain.

Helping to design your supply chain





We guide you through the different organizational models, according to your customer promise, your flow typologies, the perspectives and constraints of your entire supply chain. We work with your teams to develop the best organizational and operational solutions for your business.

Defining and calibrating your medium- and long-term needs





We size the recommended solutions based on your business project, and work on several scenarios to ensure the sustainability of the model. Formulate hypotheses, evaluate the answers to be brought to the volumes foreseen in the operational, organizational, and financial choices in order to allow you to anticipate the orientations, investments, and technical choices. 

Supporting and managing change in your supply chain





We contribute to the change management, on your "business" aspects, at all levels of your company and your partners, on the direct actors but also related to your supply chain. We make an inventory of your supply chain (short term) and we estimate the adequacy of the project (long term) by identifying all the quick wins. We define together the target vision and the path to get there in order to identify all the points of attention. Finally, we establish the change management transformation plan, thus maximizing a "seamless" deployment and the support of the greatest number of people.

Recommending technical choices





We help you make the right choices in a relatively new and evolving market, in which mechanization and robotization systems are in the spotlight: AGVs, AMRs, shuttles, miniloads, sorters, X-belt, goods2man, drones, robots, and cobots are just some of the solutions offered by the market. However, it is essential to evaluate the interest of such equipment (performance, ROI, preservation of human resources...) which is always linked to a type of activity, to specific flow and volume profiles (minimum and maximum).

Estimating your budget





We bring you a global budgetary vision through the follow-up of the economic performance, the investment choices and the ROI calculations. We also test the project with different growth hypotheses in order to secure the decisions and evolution choices. 

Elaborating the project roadmap





We implement your supply chain transformation project with the operational and functional teams and related services, managing it with all these players and involving the contributors until the "go-live" and the ramp-up.  

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