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November 14, 2023

Generix Group and DDS join forces to become a global leader in end-to-end supply chain digitization solutions

Generix Group, a leading SaaS vendor of collaborative supply chain solutions, and DDS, a SaaS vendor of supply chain digitization and transport optimization solutions, have joined forces to become a major global player in supply chain digitization, covering all flows of goods and data, from procurement to invoicing and payment.

Press release

Generix Group and DDS have combined their solutions and expertise to propose to their customers and prospects an end-to-end offering that is unique on the market, providing them with a 360° view of their Supply Chain.

This merger gives rise to a powerful pool of solutions and expertise in transport flow management and, more generally, management of the supply chain. The new functional coverage is multimodal, inland and overseas. This unique value proposition is aimed primarily at shippers and service providers, who will be able to manage all their activities using DDS and Generix Group solutions.

Customers of both companies will benefit from a 360°, omnichannel and collaborative offer, to manage their entire Supply Chain “from cargo to fridge“: trade flows between players (TMS, WMS, OMS, VMI, Sourcing), information flows and financial data flows (EDI, e-Invoicing, e-Reporting, P2P and O2C, and Incoterms management). From a technological point of view, this ‘360’ offering makes the most of massive data management (machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain) and applied technological research. Finally, the customers of both software vendors benefit from strong support in the management of their economic and environmental performance.

Generix Group and DDS have nearly 2,000 warehouses equipped – handling 600 million pallets a year – 1 million transport operations managed, 2 billion EDI messages and half a billion electronic invoices processed every year. In addition, both editors are recognized by Gartner as ‘Notable vendors’ in the Europe Context survey: ‘Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems’ , and their solutions are used on a daily basis by major players in Retail, Industry and 3/4 PL Service Providers in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

For Generix Group, this merger marks a new stage in the acceleration of the Boost Together 2028 strategic plan, and the opening up of new markets, while increasing its footprint in Europe and the Americas, as well as in part of Asia.

For DDS, it’s a fantastic opportunity to draw on the support of an international group, at a time when it was expanding into countries such as Spain and the Benelux region.

Combined, we become an international leader in all Supply Chain segments, linking them together to create maximum value for our customers, benefiting their organization, their execution capabilities, their data analysis and, ultimately, their corporate responsibility“, says Aïda Collette-Sène, President and CEO of Generix Group. ” Fully focused on our customers’ business expectations, massive technological evolutions are underway for each offer to become a key reference and, above all, a preference for our customers. They are fully involved in our research to ensure optimum efficiency and perfect use of our solutions, notably via an international community of customers. As a result, they will benefit from an unprecedented investment in R&D, with increased capacity to integrate the new solutions into a true 360° portfolio“, adds the software vendor’s President and CEO.

The combination of Generix and DDS expertise creates a unique Supply Chain Execution offering, capable of meeting all our customers’ efficiency, resilience and sustainability challenges. And for DDS, it’s both recognition of the leadership position it has acquired in the TMS market, and a tremendous opportunity for acceleration“, says Jérôme Bour, Chairman and CEO of DDS.

About Generix Group

Generix Group is a leading SaaS vendor specializing in Collaborative Supply Chain solutions that enable the seamless exchange of goods and data across the globe between suppliers and customers, all while responsibly managing their flows. Its platform of innovative digital services optimizes the management of physical flows, by coordinating the entire supply process, from production to delivery, thanks to its WMS, TMS, RMS and VMI solutions; as well as logical and financial flows, by integrating the systems of all players in the chain, from order to payment, with its e-invoicing, e-reporting, EDI, P2P and O2C solutions. Generix Group creates a distinctive ecosystem designed to cater to its customers, ensuring top-notch performance and sustainability, connecting all global players in retail, industry and services, and fostering the transition toward greater digitalization and energy efficiency. With nearly 850 dedicated employees, Generix Group provides day-to-day support to over 4,500 companies across more than 60 countries, processes over 500 million invoices, handle more than 40 million order lines each month, and manage 8 million EDI messages daily. Our clientele includes Danone, FM Logistic, Fnac-Darty, Essilor, and Ferrero.

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Press Contact Hélène Boulanger – –

About DDS

DDS is a French software publisher that digitizes supply chain and transport flows for all companies (SME, ETI, GE) for all sectors. DDS is the leader in Transport Management System (TMS) solutions, offering customers process optimization, cost reduction and control of their environmental footprint throughout the supply chain: from raw materials to the Customer’s delivery. More than 20,000 users and 500 customers, including manufacturers, distributors, shippers, logistics service providers, freight forwarders and central purchasing. DDS offers scalable solutions based on customer maturity and needs, to accelerate the Supply Chain Digitalization

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Press Contact Enzo Gomes – +33

1Europe Context: ‘Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems’, Gartner, published on March 28, 2023

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Generix Group and DDS join forces to become a global leader in end-to-end supply chain digitization solutions

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