Collaborative Replenishment

Improve your procurement performance through collaborative management

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Generix Supply Chain Hub : Multienterprise Integration & Collaboration

Generix Collaborative Replenishment is Generix Group's new collaborative supply management solution. It integrates more than 25 years of expertise developed in cooperation with our distributors, FMCG and 3PL customers. 

Generix Collaborative Replenishment reinvents shared supply management, increasing user productivity and business performance and taking advantage of new technologies: cloud, analytics, RPA and deep learning. 

Improve service levels & increase sales

Increase service levels by 20-30%, reduce outages, increase sales volumes by 2-3%, and build customer loyalty

Reduce logistics and transportation costs

Reduce inventory levels by 30-50% by optimizing truck fill rates to over 90

Support your Corporate Social Responsibility policies

Support your sustainable development: reduce energy consumption, the number of kilometres travelled, waste, take into account the DLUO, etc

Main features

Support for different collaborative supply management models

Deploy the best collaborative process according to products, volumes, location or degree of partnership: VMI, CMI, pooling, multi-drop, multi-pick, massification center, advanced inventory,

Management of multiple forecasting models

Calculate the best order proposal by using multiple forecast sources: multiple requirement calculations by the solution, customer forecasts, weather data impact, artificial intelligence, etc.

Management of dashboards and performance indicators

Measure your operations in real time, deal with emergencies, notifications and analyze your performance: stock coverage, service rate, rotations, forecast reliability, quantities shipped, out-of-stock analysis,

Constrained calculation of supply requirements

Estimate the optimal supply proposal considering stock levels, warehouse outflows, thresholds and quotas, calendars, promotional operations, logistic units, transport capacities...

Optimization of promotional periods and seasonality

Understand the impact on standard products, manage substitutions, pre-orders, reservations, analyze performance and react to seasonal peaks by limiting overstocks, early out-of-stocks, etc.

Productivity of suppliers and user comfort

Increase productivity with automatic processing, mass operations, delegated analysis, etc. and ensure a better experience by configuring the solution according to user preferences and contexts.

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