Vendor Managed Inventory - Generix Collaborative Replenishment

Stock Replenishment Software (VMI) : Make good use of customers' distribution data

Supply Chain Execution & Visibility
Retail Unified Commerce
Generix Supply Chain Hub : Multienterprise Integration & Collaboration

VMI enables manufacturers, and their supply chain partners, to share real-time inventory data to create a lean, demand-driven supply chain including better product forecasts, optimized shipments, and improved in-stock rates. Plus, teams can respond in real-time to marketplace demand swings. 

Generix Collaborative Replenishment (GCR) includes VMI and all its benefits, but GRC also offers a more flexible approach to supply chain management:  

Empowers any supply chain partner

to recommend an order 

Offers multiple routes to market

like cross docking & multi-stop replenishment 

Additional capabilities

truck building, available-to-promise (ATP), allocation

Utilizes more demand-signal types

and offers enhanced business analytics

Enables more ways to sell

like JIT inventory management and scan-based trading 

Main features
Authorization management and user profiles

According to intervention scope and cooperative process. User configuration of the work environment according to preferences, client typologies, and geographical location.

Management of the repositories necessary for supply

Clients, delivery locations, manufacturing sites, products, supply groups, and more!

Cooperation settings administration defined with each client

According to internal and external limitations defined with each client according to internal and external limitations.

Computation engine draw and simulation

History aggregation, consumption forecast, supply requirement calculation with multiple truck fill optimization limitations, automatic stockout analysis, mass processing, automated configurations, etc.

Use of multiple models

Variable recurrence, mini/max stock, just in time, fixed recurrence, meteorological impact, requirements calculation for outbound payments.

Human workflow execution

Approval of supply recommendations, management of sales operations, order breakdown, repository administration, etc.

Optimized management of sales operations

Administration of sales indicators, use of multiplication coefficients for seasonal forecasts, configuration of reference substitutions, preorders, possibility to reserve stock, analysis and depollution of histories and sales performance, etc.

Flow steering and interfaces

Goods movements, warehouse issuance, instore sales, order propositions (end of counter & sales), master data and order validation.

Dashboard management and performance indicators

Including stock coverage, downstream service rate, forecast reliability, stockout analysis, packaging study, performance review preparation by client, dormant stock analysis, modification rate for recommendation lines, etc.

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