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Improve collaboration with suppliers to optimize the purchase to pay process

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With the Generix Collaborative purchase to pay service, you digitize your procurement processes and involve your suppliers in the optimization of the supply chain. From the supplier catalog to electronic invoicing, all the stages of preparation, procurement and logistics are managed collaboratively. Traceability, visibility of end-to-end operations and archiving are also provided in real time. Free and easy to use for your supplier, the application can be used by all categories of partners even those adverse to EDI/B2B integration.

50% Reduction in processing costs of the P2P process

Remove the costs of manual processing: seizures, reconciliation, paper handling, issuing costs 

Improve service levels and the customer experience

Optimize the reliability and visibility of logistics, improve data quality, reduce litigation rates 

Reduce processing time of your bills

Automate your operations to reduce the invoice processing time by 5 to 10 days and take advantage of discounts

Main features
Management of supplier orders

Digitize the sending of supplier orders, include acknowledgments of receipt, detect disputes and disruptions, automate changes and cancellations 

Commercial forecast and visibility

Publish your forecasts, your reports on sales and warehouse outputs and optimize the costs of production and logistics

Optimizing the supply chain

Incorporate shipment notices, edit labels and distribute your receipts of goods to improve traceability and logistics performance

Invoicing and payment

Digitize receipt of supplier invoices, reduce litigation risks, record payments

Managing standard suppliers

Improve data quality, collect and store the information: companies, contacts, products, prices etc. 

Managing standard suppliers

Protect your sensitive data, organize access to information, secure your storage while respecting tax, social and commercial regulations

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Complementary solutions

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Collaborative Replenishment

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