RMS – Resource Management System

The combination of Labor Management and Resource Planning functions for an optimal use of your logistic production means

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When uncertainty becomes the new norm, anticipation and agility are essential for operational managers on a daily basis. 
Thanks to Generix Group's RMS solution, the forecasting and organization of human and material resources can be automated. The result is a reduction of up to 25% in labor costs.

Reliability of the production capacity estimation: +50% improvement

Use the tracking data of your WMS operations. Refine your "labor standards" by considering the context of operations and the profile of resources. Make your commitments more reliable.

Resource utilization rate: +30%

Forecast your production needs in detail, by business line. Plan your resources according to their skills. Limit temporary staffing and validate leaves according to your needs. 

Develop loyalty among your operators: +20%

Create smarter schedules. Consider actual performance, control learning curves, reward, motivate and retain your operators.

Main features

Measure performance

Analyze production data from your WMS. 
Integrate the scope of production to refine the results.

Define your "labor standards"

Calculate global and individual performances. 
Define objectives by resource profile and by job.

Anticipate the workload

Understand the workload in hours to be achieved per job.

Plan resources

Calculate the best workload/capacity balance in relation to forecasted needs and resource planning.

Simulate and adjust

Project resources to achieve predictive workload plans, identify overtime and temporary staffing needs. 

Manage the planning of automats and equipment

Saturate automated resources. Control the availability of materials associated with the operations you plan.

Motivate and retain your employees

Gamification, rewards, deploy versatility, avoid boredom. Maximize the potential of your operators.