Invoice dematerialization: our consulting offer

Prepare your invoices for compliance


Reminder of future obligations

  • Issue, transmit and receive invoices in electronic form in your transactions with other VAT taxpayers
  • Transmit invoicing data to the tax authorities
  • Transmit to the tax authorities additional transaction data that are not within the scope of electronic invoicing. 


Beyond the regulatory context, significant benefits...

  • Lighten your administrative burden and reduce payment delays
  • Simplify your VAT declaration obligations thanks to the pre-filling of declarations 
  • Improve fraud detection.


To accompany you, Generix Group offers you a "2024 Electronic Invoice Reform" consulting pack composed of:

  • The synthesis of your future legal obligations to be put in place
  • Analysis of your existing situation
  • A qualified list of risks to be addressed
  • A roadmap to enable you to comply within the deadlines


Our expertises

Summary of future customer obligations
  • Detailed explanation through a short "white paper" of your obligations
  • Detail of the general stakes and impacts by type, whether organizational, administrative, information systems or monitoring
  • The document will be presented to you during the meeting, with the actors identified to take part in the project
Compliance Roadmap

Drafting, with the actors of your company, of a roadmap of the actions to be carried out, in the form of roadmap. This will allow you to manage the transformation for compliance, with the actors and tasks to be carried out.

Analysis of the existing situation
  • Based on interviews with the different actors and analysis of the processes and systems present in your company, we will draw up a map of the current flows, whether they are physical or already dematerialized. 
  • Formalization of these flows in the form of a general flow diagram, with the estimated volume, and highlighting of the points to be dealt with for compliance.
  • Step carried out at your place, by a consultant.
Qualified list of risks to be managed

From the flow analysis, identification of the different documents representing a risk, whether immediate or linked to the evolution of the 10/07/2024 deadline, by associating : 

  • The level of risk involved
  • The difficulty in bringing the document and the associated process into compliance
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