Generix Group presents its strategic plan Boost Together 2025


Generix Group announces its new strategic plan - Boost Together 2025 - to assert its position as a French flagship in the tech industry and an increasingly international player by 2025. Focus on this bold program with Ludovic Luzza, General Manager of Generix Group in North America.

How does this strategic plan support the group's ambition?

"Boost Together 2025 marks an acceleration of the Group's transformation and internationalization through increased investments to better meet the needs and uses of our customers and the market. In the wake of the health crisis that has profoundly challenged all established models, this acceleration is crucial. We must be able to give our clients all the keys to react with agility to situations as chaotic as those of the past 18 months, in which forecasting is difficult and immediacy is the new norm. To better serve its customers, Generix will also focus on certain major industries: Retail & E-Commerce, FMCG, Manufacturing and 3PL."

Specifically, what is Boost Together 2025?

"Our plan is based on three essential strategic axes. The first is to intensify our investments in our digital Supply Chain Hub platform. All of our Hub's solutions will be deployed internationally in all subsidiaries by 2025, with a strong acceleration of development in North America and a strengthening of our positions in Europe.
We are already investing heavily today - more than 17% of our revenues in fiscal year 2020/2021 - in our solutions and the development of models and products that meet a very high level of agility. Our R&D investments cover business expertise (resource management, transportation and omnichannel) as well as technological expertise (AI, 5G, etc.) and architectural expertise (hyperscale, microservices, etc.).

With Boost Together 2025, we want to further deepen these investments, driven by a clear ambition: to position ourselves as a one-stop-shop for the global management of physical and logical flows, a Group capable of optimizing the operational performance of our customers wherever they are in the world.”

What is the second strategic focus of Boost Together 2025?

"It is a focus on operational excellence in all its dimensions: employee training, tools, implementation of new methods, but also partnerships with the academic world and research... This work on operational excellence is part of a customer-centric approach, with improved customer experience and satisfaction in the spotlight. It is by constantly raising the level of quality of our services and tools that we will retain our customers and win over new ones.”

Will you also enrich your service and consulting offer?

"Absolutely, this is the third and final axis of our strategic plan. In particular, we are going to develop our consulting entity, a real architectural and business strike force, which guides the strategic and operational choices of our customers.
And that's not all. To support the continuous improvement of our customers' performance, we will also implement an "enhanced" go-to-market with the strengthening of our indirect distribution strategy. Generix solutions are already marketed in 60 countries through the Group's subsidiaries and partners. This strategy should enable us to increase our exposure and influence and accelerate our business development.”


What are the Group's assets to carry out Boost Together 2025?

"I see three essential factors. Firstly, our human capital, i.e. all the in-depth expertise we possess, but also the strength of the links we have built up with our clients and partners. Our second asset is our customer base: more than 6,000 companies use our solutions throughout the world: we benefit from a loyal and international base, which allows us to have a very precise knowledge of all our markets. Finally, we should mention our ecosystem of partners - technology companies, distributors, investors, etc. - which is an important lever for accelerating our innovations, but also a growth driver and a guarantee of our financial strength.”

How is Boost Together 2025 a response to Generix Group customers' challenges?

"For many years, we have had a strong commitment to helping companies deliver on their promise to their customers. To achieve this today, we need to be able to offer an open and flexible software platform for industrial and standardized deployments of our solutions worldwide. And we must ensure that we deliver an exceptional end-to-end customer experience. Boost Together 2025 positions us to achieve these key objectives and thereby maximize operational performance and customer satisfaction. This new strategic plan is also a commitment we are making to our current and future employees. With Boost Together 2025, we are reaffirming our commitment to freedom of initiative within the Group and our belief that everyone has an active role to play in achieving our objectives.”

And more specifically, for North America, how does this strategic plan translate for your customers and employees?

"As North America is the Group's main business development area, our customers and teams will quickly benefit from the Boost Together 2025 strategic plan.

On the one hand, our customers will benefit from the deployment of all the solutions of the supply chain hub digital platform. In order to support their growth, we are counting heavily on the development of our consulting entity, which will also enable us to guide their strategic and operational choices.

On the other hand, our employees will benefit from the plan as a lever for acceleration via:

  • Supporting our current resources through training, for example, but also by reinforcing the freedom of initiative 
  • The search for new talent 
  • The presence in North America of a major R&D center, an important vector of expertise"