Press Releases

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E-invoicing: Generix Group supports Europcar as it adopts SaaS in nine countries
B2B Collaboration
Nature & Découvertes rolls out mobile payments on tablets with Generix Group
Refresco France manages its transport "On Demand" with Generix Group
Generix Group presents GCS TMS Winter 2013, the latest edition of its transport management solution
B2B Collaboration
Logistics expert TeamBask surfs the wave of e-commerce in SaaS mode with Generix Group
Klesia, the result of the merge of Mornay and D&O, relies on Generix Group to help streamline its information systems and build a global data and application exchange platform.
Generix Group assists Leroy Merlin with its dynamic growth on the Russian market by optimising its global supply chain
Appointment of Jean-Charles Deconninck, Chairman of Generix group, on the Board of the European Logistics Association
Obligation for CO2 labelling for transport services: Generix Group and European TK’Blue Agency launch the first deal for optimised management of eco-environmental performance
Generix Group presents the first "Cloud OFTP2" offer to accelerate deployment of B2B flows in the automotive industry and reduce usage costs
B2B Collaboration