Inventory management optimization for ecommerce enablement and growth

Retail and consumer goods


Company Overview

Renaud-Bray is the largest French bookstore franchise in North America and one of the largest businesses in Quebec’s cultural landscape. It owns 30 bookstores across Quebec, an online store at and a web-based warehouse which makes it possible to manage thousands of online orders. Founded in 1965, the company has been playing an important role in the promotion and diffusion of the French-speaking culture for almost 55 years.


  • Renaud-Bray needed a WMS to manage a second warehouse they had acquired
  • The solution had to be able to integrate with the J.D. Edwards financial system
  • The company recently began to delve into e-commerce and sometimes struggled to ship to the end customer
  • They kept about one million titles in inventory but not always in stock; therefore, some orders had to be shipped from Paris

Provide a solution to implement Solochain in Renaud-Bray’s new warehouse with the ­f­ollowing objectives:

  • Interface with Renaud-Bray's ERP system in order to receive all supplier and sales orders on a regular basis
  • Allow complete visibility on the inventory in the warehouse
  • Reduce the number of resources required for logistics operations
  • Optimize warehouse management processes

Once the solution was implemented, Renaud-Bray was able to:

  • Lower operational costs by simplifying inventory management
  • Eliminate errors related to inventory
  • Implement e-commerce and successfully fulfill their customer orders
  • Buy the Archambault stores and also implement Solochain in that company