Are your supply chains ready for AI?


Join this episode of SupplyChainTalk to discuss the latest issues impacting your industry including: 

  • Implementing and maximising AI for use in your supply chains
  • Skills shortage and digital illiteracy  - training your team to optimise your use of AI
  • Using AI to review large numbers of suppliers to identify irregularities or fraud



emmanuel langlois

Emmanuel Langlois Vice President Global Alliances and Partners Generix Group

Emmanuel Langlois is the Vice President Global Alliances and Partners at Generix Group. He has acted as the Executive Vice President for Sologlobe, which has been acquired by Generix Group to become its North American division. Emmanuel obtained an MBA from HEC Montreal Business School. He had previously served as an officer in the Canadian Army where he specialized in army logistics and participated in many missions around the world.


jonathan cyr

Jonathan Cyr
Delivery Program Manager (DPM)

Jonathan grew up in a technological accented environment to say the least, with parents who developed ERPs right at home in their basement. A few years later as a teenager, he started his own software company which he ran for 13 years. Jonathan then moved on to work as a robotics technology integrator in the apple industry. After a 4-year stint as General Manager of a major floral importer in Montreal, combined with his experience as a college teacher, Jonathan then joined the Generix Group team as a Senior Developer, then BPA Department Director, and finally DPM (Delivery Program Manager).


Pranav Bhardwaj

Pranav Bhardwaj
Senior Manager- Management Consulting (AI, Strategy, Supply Chain) Deloitte


jose saiz de omenaca monzon

Jose Saiz de Omeñaca Monzón
Expert - Procurement / Supply Chain / Sustainabiliy / Ecommerce /AI United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Freelance



kevin craine

Kevin Craine
Host SupplyChainTalk


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