Interoperability, the challenge of next generation warehouses

interoperability the challenge of next generation warehouses

Carefully calibrate your material handling automation to futureproof your operations. 

Warehouse Automation is a big trend.  Changing Customer expectations, Labor shortage, new technology availability drive this transformation. What are you doing now to ready your operation for tomorrow ?

In this session you will learn:

  • Differences in automation technologies and use cases for selecting the right equipment
  • Optimization through multi-agent orchestration platforms connecting  WMS and automation equipment
  • FASSTO, a case study of advanced automation distribution center for e-commerce



emmanuel langlois

Emmanuel Langlois
Vice President Global Alliances and Partners Generix Group
Emmanuel Langlois is the Vice President Global Alliances and Partners at Generix Group. He has acted as the Executive Vice President for Sologlobe, which has been acquired by Generix Group to become its North American division. Emmanuel obtained an MBA from HEC Montreal Business School. He had previously served as an officer in the Canadian Army where he specialized in army logistics and participated in many missions around the world.


jean martin roux

Jean-Martin Roux
CEO Onomatic
Jean-Martin Roux As a specialist in logistic applications integration, Jean-Martin helps companies make better investments and more informed decisions on the management of their supply chain assets. Over the course of the last 15 years, Jean-Martin has garnered valuable experience across a range of locations including the United States, Canada, South Korea, Australia, and Europe.
Here are some of the specific fields in which he has gained expertise:
Business solutions strategies and resources planning (ERP build or buy).
Warehouse & transport management systems (WMS-TMS).
Implementation of manufacturing execution systems (MES), improving lot and shelf-life tracking in the food and pharmaceutical industry.
IT project management.
Warehouse layout design.
Distribution process optimization.
Database management.


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