The New Generation Post Pandemic Warehouse Worker is a Gamer!


With a worker shortage trend that is well established, accelerated by the effects of COVID, why would anyone want to work in a warehouse now? What if working in a distribution center was a little more fun, challenging, interactive, and based on intuitive mobile technology? Old school warehouses, where drudgery reigns, needs to be replaced to help reverse the trend!

Join Shorr Packaging and Generix Group to learn about this exciting topic.




Lori Kesten, Senior Sales Executive, Generix Group

Lori began working in logistics by recommending and implementing WMS, WLM, and TMS. Currently Lori is a Senior Sales Executive at Generix Group North America. She has over 20 years of experience in the supply chain industry and is an expert in Warehousing logistics. 



Emilio Colangelo, Supply Chain Consultant, LIDD

Emilio Colangelo is a Director based in LIDD’s Montreal office and a leader in LIDD’s NetSuite and strategy practices. He is responsible for developing integrated supply chain strategies, managing client relationships, and overseeing the work of LIDD employees dedicated to NetSuite’s configuration, implementation, and integration. Since joining LIDD in 2016, Emilio has worked with leading US & Canadian companies in the Food & Beverage, eCommerce, Publishing, Manufacturing and 3PL Logistics industries. His consulting experience spans a wide range of mandates including physical infrastructure design, supply chain software selection & implementation, and S&OP process design



Bob Jorgensen, National Director of Operations - Shorr Strategic Solutions, Shorr Packaging

Bob is the National Director of Operations - Strategic Solutions for Shorr Packaging with 20+ years in the logistics and supply chain industry. He has spent his career in both 3PL services and contract packaging building a strong operational background. In his current role with Shorr Packaging, Bob is helping usher in a new era of value added services.