Post-Pandemic Impacts on the Distribution Center & How to Ensure Resiliency


"The COVID-19 pandemic will fundamentally redefine how industrial companies approach their supply chains and will further advance the digital transformation of manufacturing," says Tony Uphoff, president and CEO of Thomas. "By embracing real-time resource management, redundancy, reshoring, and the convergence between the digital and physical supply chains, manufacturers will come out of this crisis even stronger than they were before.”

  • Consumption Changes are inevitable but with proper planning and flexible solutions in the DC these changes can mean opportunity.
  • Re-Shoring Manufacturing is likely for many North American manufacturers.  Having the proper tools in place enable successful transitions, cross functional DC’s and increased opportunity.
  • Robotics and Automation solutions continue to mature and with proper investment the benefits can be tremendous for your business and assist in maintaining employee health while overcoming labor market challenges.


ann_yatesOur Speaker: Ann Yates is a Pre-sales Engineer for the Solochain Warehouse Management System, developed by Generix.  With 25 years’ experience managing complex projects in the distribution, retail and manufacturing industry, Ann has utilized her expertise in warehouse management to perform operational reviews, manage WMS implementations, and define best warehouse practices.

doug_meffordOur Speaker: Doug Mefford has more than 25 years' experience in the Supply Chain industry, from inventory control to operational leadership within an Omni Channel distribution operation. Prior to Generix, Doug Mefford was the operations manager for the Dallas Cowboys, overseeing their warehouse operations, retail distribution, silk screen manufacturing and direct-to-consumer order fulfillment.

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