Warehouse Operations Have Gotten More Complex Than Ever

Supply Chain

Warehouse Operations Have Gotten More Complex Than Ever. 
How Technology Enables Operational Agility.

In today’s world, global supply chain disruption is the new reality. Being agile and reactive, anticipating change and adapting to it swiftly is the key for business success. To thrive in tough and challenging times we lean on technology: a well-known enabler of business agility. 

But what does operational agility mean when it comes to the warehouse activities? WMS solutions are used to manage and optimize distribution center operations.  In an era of continuous change, much is expected from a modern WMS in terms of functionality and features to thrive in the new reality.

What you will learn during this webinar:

  1. The changing reality of today’s warehousing operations;

  2. How should a modern, adaptable, and intuitive WMS support your operational changes;

  3. Real-life examples of successful warehouse operations in these challenging times.



emmanuel_langlois  Emmanuel Langlois
  Vice President Global Alliances and Partners
  Generix Group



Emmanuel Langlois is the Vice President Global Alliances and Partners at Generix Group. He has acted as the Executive Vice President for Sologlobe, which has been acquired by Generix Group to become its North American division. Emmanuel obtained an MBA from HEC Montreal Business School. He had previously served as an officer in the Canadian Army where he specialized in army logistics and participated in many missions around the world.




ben_ames  Ben Ames
  Senior Editor
  DC Velocity