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Improve collaboration with your customers to optimize the order to cash process

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Generix Collaborative Network

Generix Collaborative Order to Cash allows smaller scale customers, sales teams, order managers, subsidiaries, resale networks to send you their paperless orders. In addition, the application manages collaboratively the receipt of multi-channel orders (EDI, fax, paper), the sales catalog, the validation circuit before integration, order receipts, shipping notices and billing.

Save up to € 50 per paperless customer order

Remove paper handling and archiving costs, automate the integration, limit errors, digitize your delivery notes and invoices.

Remove processing errors on your orders

Improve data quality, avoid loss of documents and manual processing, mechanize checks and ERP integration

Improve customer experience and satisfaction

Reduce order processing time, eliminate disputes, ensure real-time visibility and increase level of servic

Main features
Entering customer orders online

Offer your customers an intuitive application with a customized catalog to carry out their order via an input form or using a previous purchase again 

Multichannel receipt of customer orders

Concentrate your processing, set up a multi-channel entry point for your orders: portal, structured files (EDI, XML), fax, PDF, paper. 

Centralized processing of all customer orders

Centralize receipts and checks on your customer orders, unify their automatic integration in your ERP

Visibility throughout process

For your customers and colleagues share real-time information on all the order processing steps: purchase, logistics, invoicing 

Increase in sales volumes and customer privacy

Increase your turnover via promotional banners, complete unit purchasing or sharing of POS tools (video, reseller promotions, GCS)

Security, reporting and audit trail

Controlled access, exchange history, secure archiving, control panel with indicator, management of audit trails, improve your sales administration

Complementary solutions

Generix Group solutions fit all your needs in supply chain management, datas and omnichannel sales. Find out the additionnal solutions used by our clients.

Collaborative Replenishment

Collaborative Replenishment

Stock Replenishment Software (VMI) : Make good use of customers' distribution data
Generix Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal

Improve collaboration with suppliers to optimize the purchase to pay process
Generix Onboarding Services

Onboarding Services

Reduce your enlisting costs and speed up your digital deployment
Generix 3PL Portal

3PL Portal

Secure Customer Access
Generix Order Tracking

Order Tracking

Differentiate your company and create customer loyalty by providing a superior customer experience.
Generix Carrier transport

Carrier transport

Steer delivery with the transport portal
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