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By digitizing invoices, companies can increase productivity, meet regulatory requirements and satisfy customer expectations. 
Invoice Services optimizes incoming and outgoing B2B and B2G invoice processes. It also guarantees their legal compliance. The solution processes all types of invoices: EDI, signed PDF, email, paper, and invoices submitted through a portal. To establish an audit trail, the system creates digital originals. It also archives transactions and enables easy collaboration with trading partners. Users monitor invoice flows by watching activity indicators and by searching archived transactions.
Generix Group has been a global leader in electronic invoicing since 2013 when they introduced an Unlimited Invoicing package. At that time, the company revolutionized the market by offering a package of unlimited invoices.  It starts at from 80,000 invoices per year.

Satisfy your customers

Suggest that your customers adopt digitized invoices. Offer customized services (structured, PDF, portal) featuring differentiating collaborative services.

Reduce costs

Save on each invoice by reducing costs associated with paper invoices, such as:  printing, mailing, reconciliation, and dispute resolution. 

Improve overall efficiency of Billing Processes

Shorten processing cycles and reduce disputes.  Take advantage of automatic reconciliation. Improve cash flow management. Take advantage of new financial services. 

Main features
Create original documents for tax filings

Support all regulatory pathways : EDI invoice, invoice secured by digital signature and reliable audit trail. 

Add probative value

Archive your invoices inside a digital safe to give them probative value for the next ten years. 

Deploy incoming invoices

Combine all technologies to deploy all your purchasing invoices : EDI, signed PDF, email, entry portal, OCR for paper invoices.

Deploy outgoing invoices

Combine all solutions for 100% digitization of your sales invoices : EDI, email with attachment, email, publication portal, desktop publishing with archiving of the electronic duplicate. 

Share data

Online access to all invoicing data, integration/payment status, archives and their attachments. 

Follow regulations

Benefit from a solution that is compliant in 25 countries, with 10 regulatory compliance certificates.

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