Evolving from business resiliency to sustainable hyper growth!


 In this new era of significant and lasting changes to consumption habits and the rise of the intelligent supply chain, you want to connect with the forward thinkers that have the experience, expertise, and perspective to foresee massive supply chain disruptions and to propose lasting, effective solutions.

You want to connect with Generix Group, the new breed of supply chain innovators and thought leaders. Our next-generation supply chain execution solutions enable you to reimagine your business through digital transformation, providing you with cutting-edge innovation, an intuitive user experience, and a flexible pricing model that adjusts to your business activity.


The Value We Bring

  • The next generation of supply chain execution solutions, delivered on SaaS or on Premise
  • Interactive dashboards and intuitive interfaces, augmenting your team’s performance 
  • Deeply flexible and configurable solutions, granting extended possibilities for your business
  • An acclaimed back-office facilitating implementation and collaboration between you and Generix
  • Rapid deployment capacities, meaning going forward only faster for quicker ROI
  • Highly dedicated and proactive support team, making sure you’re able to thrive

Global Presence

Generix Group North America is a division of Generix Group SA, a global expert in collaborative supply chain technologies and business processes that develops and implements advanced supply chain execution solutions.


Moving beyond the pandemic

At Generix, we saw the challenges to supply chain resilience coming by putting in place the next generation of supply chain execution solutions. A breakout player, Generix Group is the only new Tier 1 WMS vendor included in Gartner's Warehouse Management System Magic Quadrant in almost a decade. 

We have the experience, expertise, and perspective required to enable you to thrive, particularly during periods of massive, unrelenting change. Together, through the intelligent supply chain, we will help your business rise to meet the resiliency opportunity while ensuring that you are able to thrive.