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EGD Logistics is a company created in September 2015 that is currently in full growth. Its differentiating factor, which made it to be born and with which it is offered in the market is the flexibility and the total adaptation of its processes to the specific needs of each client in logistics. 

EGD currently has 60,000 square meters of warehouse space, from where it serves a dozen customers, including large multinational entertainment companies, for which it moves around 100,000 pallets per year of high value consumer products in the European area. In the last year EGD has also entered the UK with a new warehouse. 

Toni Armengol CEO EGD Logitics
Toni Armengol
EGD Logistics
"The Generix WMS has allowed us to integrate all our processes with SAP so that our customer Nintendo has 100% visibility of every single process in the warehouse. Generix has shown us that it solves problems quickly and so, today, we can say that we have made the right choice in choosing them."
Toni Armengol
EGD Logistics

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The project in details

What where your premises?

The company's self-imposed challenge is to always be able to respond quickly to any of its clients' logistical needs, from the most obvious to the most specific in each case. Naturally, this flexibility means that the company is obliged to completely adapt its logistics management processes to meet the specific requirements of the client on each occasion. 

In addition, the FMCG sector is always subject to large time variations to which it is imperative to be able to respond immediately, so the agility and adaptability of EGD are key elements to maintain its differentiating factor. This adaptability also allows EGD to integrate within the logistics process other value propositions such as packaging and unpackaging tasks, picking, handling, adaptation of the product to different markets and commercial offers.  

Reverse logistics is another of the functions that EGD offers to its customers, who can thus download in a single supplier the treatment and management of all the product returned by end customers, including checking, quality control of the product, return to stock, repair or the procedure that corresponds at any time. 

An EMS to meet all your requirements

In order to adapt to the ERP of some of its main clients, EGD sought a WMS that not only integrated with SAP but was also a complete, powerful system that provided solutions to control each of the multiple processes they offer and that was also agile, visual and intuitive.  

Finally, the company opted for the Generix WMS, which, when linked to the customers' ERP, allows them to offer 100% visibility on each of the processes they carry out for them. EGD's managers valued the flexibility and the wide range of possibilities offered by Generix's WMS, which allows them to control with agility any type of process they need to offer to their customers.  

The EGD - Generix relationship

In addition to the robustness of its WMS solution, Generix always offers personalized support to the customers who implement it. This is the case of EGD, whose managers have particularly valued the proximity, the ability of the Generix team to understand their processes, their ability to develop specific aspects and details of the service, as well as the agile response to problems. 

Benefits obtained by EGD Logistics
Readiness for new processes
Integration of all operations, including special operations
Transparency for the customer of all logistic processes
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