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3PL portale logistica
By Isabelle Badoc
on 29 Jan 2019 9:00 AM

As customer experience becomes increasingly seamless and transparent, third-party logistics software (or 3PL) must, in turn, offer more flexibility and proactivity features to meet the needs of payers and the demands of their respective markets. It also needs to inform users about upcoming supply needs, available inventory, and tell them whether product reference systems are up-to-date. To streamline these exchanges and make information available to the supply chain’s various players, one solution stands out: the 3PL portal. 


A collaborative portal to meet visibility challenges

More than half of companies suffer from poor visibility of the operations delegated to their logistics partners— or 3PL. Decreasing profit margins, a tarnished brand image, and unhappy clients taking their business elsewhere are just some consequences of poorly organized supply chain management. This can be quite destabilizing for payers, particularly in an era when e-commerce reigns supreme. For industrial companies and distributors, the challenge is to assess potential hazards and swiftly act as a team to mitigate any impact on clients. 

Between delivery promises made from available inventory and tracking to destination, payers working with logistics providers are adding more specifics to their order fulfillment processes. Warehouse management tools such as a WMS (warehouse management system) offer the proactivity necessary to guarantee client satisfaction and communicate in real-time. 

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The benefits of a 3PL portal 

By opting for a collaborative platform, payers and logistics providers can save time and increase their efficiency. 3PL software offers a Web solution capable of accelerating the development of their logistics operations and automating exchanges with partners. Simultaneously, industrial companies and distributors can gain the visibility needed to effectively handle sales, client service, and supply management, and they can also organize their transport operations.  

With a 3PL portal, it becomes possible for all involved in the supply chain to:  

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Focus on the Generix 3PL Portal solution 

The Collaboration and Visibility offer – which includes the 3PL Portal – is based on the most recent technologies and ergonomic standards and is totally open, thanks to its APIs. It can be deployed intuitively, whether within the transporter, subcontractor, payer, or client ecosystem.

The 3PL portal has many features for improved visibility and management of collaborative logistics operations with payers: 


The Generix Group 3PL Portal is a new “Collaboration and Visibility” expansion to the Generix Supply Chain Hub platform. It accelerates end-to-end operation control, making it easier to keep logistics promises made with clients. Want to learn more about its advantages and features? Head to the Generix 3PL Portal product page.


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