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May 13, 2020

Blue Streak: implementation of the Solochain WMS for the management of Supply Chain operations

Blue Streak is a leading automotive aftermarket supplier of complex electronics for both import and domestic vehicles. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, they supply large chain and independent dealers with both new and remanufactured parts. Their new main distribution center is in San Diego, California.


With a vast dealer network and rapidly expanding e-commerce business, proper inventory and quality control became an even higher priority. Blue Streak determined that the best way for them to ensure service excellence was to bring the distribution operation back in-house. After cutting ties with their 3PL provider, they had less than 4 months to build a DC from scratch: Scout a new warehouse location, design the layout, then select and implement a warehouse management system (WMS). They knew the timeline would be their biggest challenge so selecting the right supply chain solutions partner was critical.

How they did it:

When the new facility was almost ready, Blue Streak set out to select a robust WMS that would help them manage their multi-channel distribution operation and support their future growth initiatives. They selected SOLOCHAIN WMS. As the Blue Streak and Generix Group teams got to work implementing the robust WMS, they stayed focused and aligned. The result was a rapid deployment facilitated by the right solution, the latest project management tools and methodology, and dedicated teams on both sides of the project.

Since going live in January 2020, SOLOCHAIN has helped Blue Streak realize impressive month to month operational performance gains. For example, they’ve already doubled output capacity!

Key Success Factors:

  • Team and project alignment
  • Generix Group’s implementation team included a project manager, business process analyst, implementation specialist, testing, and QA analyst
  • The client-dedicated experienced Operations and IT staff to the project
  • SOLOCHAIN Back-Office Project management system is built into SOLOCHAIN WMS for real-time task management & transparency
  • Experience integrating with their ERP system (MS Dynamics NAV)


Why they selected SOLOCHAIN WMS:

  • Function rich solution
  • Highly configurable
  • Integrations with Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • A strong team committed to the client’s success
  • Real-time inventory visibility and control
  • Optimized workflows


Financial system: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Demographics: Serves the US market, and Canada

Complementary solution: ProShip for small parcel management

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