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By Christophe Viry
on 21 Apr 2017 11:16 AM
  • Digital transformation
While there are quite a few mature EDM systems on the market, the challenge still remains in making sure that you choose one that not only functions well with your existing systems and business processes, but that also follows all legal and compliant document management and archiving standards. Another point to remember is that the digital market is evolving at such a rapid rate that any chosen system needs to be flexible enough to adapt and evolve with all types of changes, whether they be within a business, or with technology uses in general. In addition to this, government standards also change over time, and a system needs to adapt to these changes.
There are some great SaaS systems that couple the general and specific uses of Electronic Document Management Systems with those of a Digital Safe, ensuring that your company evolves into the world of digitalization correctly; that is, following all necessary procedures. To this effect, here are the essential functionalities that everyone needs to look out for when choosing an EDM system:
By keeping all of these functionalities in mind you can be sure that your system will provide excellent document management services while remaining compliant in all areas.

Christophe Viry

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