[Dossier] challenges and advancements in warehouse management

Published on 19 March 2020

Warehouse Management: challenges and advancements
Laurent Cochet
Senior Principal Consultant
Supply Chain

For an ever greater number of companies, particularly those involved in e-commerce, performance and success are synonymous with efficient warehouse management. Today, warehouse management is an integral part of strategy for companies of all shapes and sizes, and digital warehouse management offers a quantitative and qualitative understanding of warehouse stocks and activity. The goal is to prevent errors that can occur during preparation, better harness resources and spaces, and improve traceability. In the links below, Generix Group has addressed warehouse management challenges and ways to address them using existing automation solutions. 

Optimize Warehouses With Triangulation 

With the number of references skyrocketing and customer expectations on the rise, logisticians and warehouse managers are seeking to optimize their operations. This requires that multiple factors be considered, from inventory management to order preparation, not to mention the number of trips trucks make. In this context, warehouse triangulation has proven extremely useful when limiting costs. In this article, Generix Group experts define and explain the concept. 

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Entrepôts : comment automatiser sa chaîne logistique ? 

Implementing a warehouse automation system has been shown to offer considerable competitive advantages. Users report increased speed, fewer errors, and more available space—in short, an increase in productivity at all levels of the logistics chain. But are companies are ready to adopt these new methods? What consequences will automation systems have on internal organization? In this article, Generix Group experts discuss technical solutions and the most appropriate context to implement automation systems. 

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[Interview] How Can the Implementation of a WMS Best Be Prepared

Implementing a WMS implies quite a few challenges for supply chain players. Implementation is a major change for companies, which must minutely prepare for installation upstream of the event. What procedure can be followed so that users forget nothing? Laurent Cochet explains 10 ways to ensure that a project of this scale is successful. 

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[Ebook] Introducing "The Ultimate WMS Guide"

Warehouse management is a complex task and Generix Group experts have written a white paper addressing logistics professionals of all kinds: “The Ultimate WMS Guide.” The guide is designed to help industry professionals understand the advantages of existing software, particularly warehouse management systems. 

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