[Ebook] The role of collaborative portals in the collaborative Supply Chain

Published on 15 September 2020

The role of collaborative portals in the collaborative Supply Chain
Christophe Viry
Head of Product & Strategy
Supply Chain

Orchestrating your Supply Chain efficiently and effectively is crucial to its successful development. The digitization of exchanges with the various players in the Supply Chain helps you stand out from the competition in both operation costs and performance levels. In recent years, new solutions have emerged: collaborative portals that connect the various links in the Supply Chain in a simple and secure way. But how do they actually work? What are the processes involved and the associated impacts? How can this type of project be deployed and best practices be applied? Find the answer in a white paper. 


Collaborative portals: essential for a Collaborative Supply Chain? 

Collaboration is at the heart of logistical challenges. Within the supply chain, companies need to be able to share their information to ensure the proper coordination of all stakeholders. The key is a globalized management of the chain that speeds up operations, optimizes processes and streamlines exchanges. This is the principle of the Collaborative Supply Chain, a model of cooperation that operates on the principle of integration within partner processes.  

Adopting this process requires that all Supply Chain players involved not only become more transparent in their relationships, but also to choose the right intercompany tool–to opt for a suitable collaborative portal

The latest solutions, called "Purchase to Pay" or "Supply to Pay," rely on big data and Artificial Intelligence to connect partners and their processes within the Supply Chain. The goal is to create a multi-directional communication and interaction network that gives everyone real-time operations visibility.

In summary of the ebook

Generix Group experts have written a white paper for Supply Chain professionals. It explains the role and benefits of a collaborative portal in the Collaborative Supply Chain, and is divided into three parts:  

  1. Why implement a collaborative portal? 
  2. Feedback on implementing a collaborative portal 
  3. Generix Group's collaborative offer 

The digitalization of the Supply Chain pushes stakeholders to evolve their processes and the relationships that bind them. Connecting each player's systems is a challenge for manufacturers, but ultimately leverages productivity and growth: improved decision-making and quality of service, reduced costs, and better prediction of order volumes. It is up to companies to take initiative and choose a collaborative portal adapted to their needs. Generic Group produced this ebookr to accompany them in this decision.




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